The Best Companies which Support Remote Working

Companies, both small and big, understand the value of a remote workforce. To be able to fetch the top-class workforce from around the globe and have and such a remote workforce that is enthusiastic and devoted are why the companies are adopting modern trends and changes. So, they have revisited their previous scheme of the work and have now shifted to new global business phenomenon’s like working from home or telecommuting.

An online journal released its prestigious list of the 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs. While a lot of such companies which are either medium-sized, big, and small they made the list of StackChasers, there are an even more significant number of big companies that are empowering their workers to practice telecommuting and have a remote access to the offices from the comfort of their homes.

In this article, we have had the top five companies who prefer remote work over the conventional office-based wok.

UnitedHealth Group: 

Serving more than eighty million people throughout the world and the United States, the UnitedHealth Group is the most well-known healthcare company over the globe. Working along with the two most significant platforms of United HealthCare and Optum, the organization has formed many award-winning and challenging programs. Such programs are supporting innovation and also continue with its ultimate goal of providing the best quality health care services to every community in the world.

American Express: 

It is a giant hubs in the business and commercial services and goods market, American Express, is a hallmark in the field of finance and numbers. The company hires and manages nearly sixty-four thousand employees worldwide. The company, which is a significant enterprise, concentrates on travel, payment, and business administration management for companies as well as the customers and the clients.

U.S. Department of Transportation: 

It is a company that is a sub-category of the U.S. government agency and works under the umbrella. The United States Department of Transportation strives and struggles to guarantee that they are providing such vehicles which are convenient, safe, suitable and comfortable modes of transportation. The United States Department of Transportation gives several works from home possibilities for such employees who are more comfortable working from home, and who prefer sitting and producing maximum output from home than at the office.


The company is Co-founded by Steve Jobs, the global giant in IT; Apple is a universally accepted and acknowledges engineering and computer software and company. Along with producing iPods, Macs, iPads, and much more, the firm also offers professional software and is a leader in the digital music industry with its iTunes online store. Letting the work force to work remotely lets various sizes and dimensions of companies to work their operations efficiently. As remote working proceeds to lead the way most companies strive to operate, and how the employees work by following and adopting these trends, more and more organizations will quickly join the ranks of being known as a telecommuting-friendly company.

General Electric:                        

General Electric is headquartered in Fairfield, CT. The corporation ages up to a hundred and thirty years and it involves a lot of sub trades, such as media, finance, transportation, energy, capital, lighting, appliances, sports, and numerous other fields of business. A million of employees are associated to this company all over the world. It not only deals in the production of electric equipment’s but it has associations and stakes involved in a lot of different businesses as well. Like all other companies and businesses mentioned above, it also lets its employees enjoy the perks of working from home.

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