The 7 Best Agile CRM Alternatives for Small and Medium Businesses

In the complex world of digital marketing and presence building, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an often repeated term that we get to hear time and again. With a proper CRM platform in place, you can be sure to leverage the scope available online when it comes to lead generation, lead nurturing and managing customer interaction data and other such information. This will make things more efficient when you are doing your best to accelerate sales and make conversions in a more effective manner.

Hence, choosing the right CRM platform is very important. When it comes to such platforms, there are a number of names that stand out in the industry including Agile CRM, Engage Bay and many others. While Agile CRM is one of the most popular and possibly one of the oldest names that offers a number of features and has serviced many clients across the globe, small and medium businesses are constantly on the lookout for Agile CRM alternatives die to the following reasons:

  • Affordability is a problem for many small and medium sized businesses

  • Time consuming set up

  • Lack of upcoming features

The above reasons are only a few reasons that fuel the need for a decent Agile CRM alternative. Here are a few alternatives platforms that we recommend:

  1. EngageBay: This platform is one of the best and latest CRM platforms that offers you the complete experience when it comes to marketing automation in terms of social media, email marketing and a number of other services along with a seamless integration with the CRM software. Thanks to this, one can actually have an efficient system that combines data with marketing in a proper manner. The reason this is an effective alternative to Agile CRM is also the fact that it is easy to setup and has constant support so that one can get all the help when needed!

  2. Constant Contact: This one is basically an email marketing platform that also has a CRM element which makes it another viable alternative to Agile CRM. Yet, without the full suite of services that also cater to the social media and other aspects of marketing automation, we are not sure if this will be the best alternative. Constant Contact is a good platform if you are only looking to automate the email marketing aspect of your small and medium sized business.

  3. Send Inblue: This is a well known platform that handles chat, email and SMS marketing automation so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. This one can be a decent alternative to Agile CRM yet it lacks a number of features. When compared to other platforms like Agile CRM or EngageBay, it does not offer the full suite of marketing automation services that can make ti a one stop shop for small and medium sized businesses.

  4. Campaign Monitor: As one of the Agile CRM alternatives, the good thing about Campaign Monitor is that it offer email marketing along with many templates that can make your campaigns look good. Yet, this platform does not offer much else in terms of marketing automation.

  5. Convert Kit: With Convert Kit, you have a platform that can fill in as one of the Agile CRM alternatives thanks to its features and the support that you get on a constant basis. Yet, it has miles to go before it gets to offer all the services for complete marketing automation.

  6. Moosend: Moosend is a CRM platform that helps you automate your email marketing efforts. As an Agile CRM alternative, it offers many features that can help you organize your efforts in a good way. You can avoid the coding aspect and be much more efficient as well.

  7. Wishpond: With Wishpond, you will get four marketing tools that will help you with pop ups, ads and emails as well. This a good alternative to Agile CRM although it does not offer all the features that can help you completely automate other aspects of your marketing efforts like social media as well.

Amongst all these seven Agile CRM alternatives, EngageBay is the best in terms of features, affordability and overall ease of use with constant support as well.

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