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Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar-winning actor who has starred in a lot of films including the ‘The Aviator,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Titanic,’ and ‘The Revenant.’ The actor is usually starring in edgy, eccentric roles. Before making his name in the film, DiCaprio was already a household name in television, landing an Oscar nomination for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993).

But the real breakthrough came in 1997 when the star featured in James Cameron’s classic drama ‘Titanic’. Later, he also teamed up the legendary film director Martin Scorsese for numerous films including ‘The Aviator (2004) and ‘The Departed (2006). Lately, he has worked on projects such as ‘The Revenant (2015)’ which won him an Oscar.

Early Life

Born on November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles California, to Irmelin and George DiCaprio, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was the only child. He was raised mostly by his mother after his parents separated when he was just a toddler. However, DiCaprio still remained close to his father despite divorce from his mother, who was a comic book artist and distributor.

He was raised Christian Catholic according to this link.

His parents played a key role in him getting into creative business, which also happened to be his interest growing up. Leonardo DiCaprio stands at 6.003937 feet tall that is equal to 1.83 meter as per this feet to meter conversion tool.

“I loved imitating people… I liked joking around with my parents and creating different characters. I liked doing my own little homemade skits,” he told Backstage.

Trying to Breakthrough

His journey to the top was not bed full of roses. For many years, he struggled to find a good agent who could help him land gigs in Hollywood. One even tried to have him change his name to something appealing such as Lenny Williams.

Soon, DiCaprio began to land regular TV gigs, appearing on television programs such as ‘Roseanne’ and The New Lassie’. He also starred in the comedy ‘Parenthood’. It was in the making of ‘Parenthood’ that DiCaprio met with actor Tobey Maguire. The two became one of the best duos in Hollywood.

By 1991, DiCaprio was already a star, appearing regularly on ‘Growing Pains’ with stars such as Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron.

DiCaprio’s first film debut came in 1991 when he made a quick appearance in low-budget horror movie ‘Critters 3’. And while it didn’t gross well in terms of box office earnings, it turned out to be a great chance for DiCaprio to demonstrate his acting talents. During is diverse roles in the 1990s, he landed one as a drug addict in ‘The Quick and the Dead’, which he said was his most challenging role to date.

DiCaprio also starred as Jim Carrol in the ‘Basketball Diaries (1995)’, a role that he had to compete with late River Phoenix for. After starring in Romeo + Juliet in 1996, he followed that up with another role in another movie about doomed lovers, ‘Titanic’ in 1997, which beat al the previously held box office records, and solidified DiCaprio’s reputation as one of Hollywood’s teen heartthrobs.

But following his success with ‘Titanic’ DiCaprio went hiatus for several years before appearing in a low-budget ‘The Beach’ in 2000.

DiCaprio spurt back into the screens in the early 2000s with leading roles in ‘Gangs of New York’ in collaboration with director Martin Scorsese, and ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

With a current pay of $20 million per movie, DiCaprio is one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood and the world.

Aside from acting, DiCaprio is also a committed environmentalist, who has actively been involved in a number of environmental causes. Because of his commitment to environmental issues, he featured in The 11th Hour documentary film about the condition of the natural environment.

Since he started with small roles in TV commercials, and now he sits on top of the food chain as one of the most respected movie stars in the world, DiCaprio has experienced one of the most sundry careers in film.

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