5 Eco-Friendly Steps to Living a Greener Life

Our impact on the environment is now an important factor in many people’s lives. With a UN study warning of a “global environmental catastrophe”, two-thirds of people think that action isn’t being taken fast enough to tackle climate change. It’s important not to underestimate the impact we can have as individuals, though. The decisions we take today can make a big difference tomorrow.

Even the smallest changes we make to our lifestyle can have a positive impact. So, here are 5 easy and eco-friendly ways in which you can live a greener life and do your bit for the environment recommended by begreenbehappy.com.

Waste and recycling

At present, we simply waste too much as a population. Research from the University of Sussex has found that UK households waste around a fifth of the food they buy. A separate report from WRAP reveals how £140m worth of clothing ends up in landfill each year. But there are so many ways we can stop this waste – from donating old items to charity to being more creative with ingredients.

Repeat-use, not single-use

While coffee cups have stolen the headlines for being used once and never again, there are a wide range of other single-use products that you can stop using. Batteries, carrier bags, coffee filters or straws – reduce your carbon footprint by opting to use these products (and more) again and again. You’ll be surprised how much life you can get out of them.

‘Driving’ personal change

Official data for 2018 has shown that 58% of all car journeys in the UK were under 5 miles. If you’re travelling short distances, swapping to public transport can be a greener option. Of course, it might be that driving is an unavoidable part of your life. If so, why not consider trading in an old polluting car for a greener model with a range of options from Peugeot, Toyota, DS Automobiles and more?

Home improvements

By living a greener life, you’re not just helping the environment. It can also save you money, which – for some people – is as good a reason as any. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that insulating your loft could save you at least £120 a year in energy costs and cut CO2 emissions by 490kg per year. If the cost of loft insulation is too high, DIY draught-proofing can also have a positive impact.

Be smart

The emergence of smart tech is making modern life much more convenient. But adopting it is also one of the eco-friendly ways you can live a greener life. Smart meters let you monitor your energy usage – and maybe when you don’t need to use it? Other products such as thermostats, lightbulbs and even plugs are all part of a smart tech revolution that could slash global emissions by 15%.

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