Peoples, Planet, Profit – A Much Needed Initiative By Travel Brand BanBanjara

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

—Margaret Mead

A most inspiring interview which has been taken till now and amazed that why this startup becomes a trendsetter.

How a Mission and Vision of BanBanjara Travels Becomes Trend Setter

The main vision of this travel company on which it works is  -”Peoples, Planet, Profit”. As  BanBanjara founded in the year 2019 this is the main principle working as a solid foundation and this will be forever. BanBanjara considers that local communities, employees, partners, vendors, and customers are the most valuable key assets of any company so the same is the mission that is  -” Empower and enhance the lives of its customers, employees, and the local communities that are key stakeholders in business activities.

According to the founder  Mr. Vikas Garg,  they follow a strict triple bottom line where they give equal importance to the People, Planet, and Profits. In a brief, we can understand the principle of BanBanjara is as every rupee they generate as profit through business activity spends towards the social and environmental cause. The motive behind this to enhance the travel industry and redefine the monotonous traditional way of traveling and holidays trips. Through customization, they have achieved that status where other travel companies are lagging behind.


How They Have Implemented Mission in Business Operations?

 *Fig 1. Mission of BanBanjara

The methodology followed for business operations run by BanBanjara is that they create ecosystems where younger to mature thrill and adventure-loving personals get access to special adventure trips full of thrill all around the country. The experience is of high quality with a wide offering. A wide variety of options available to cater to traveling needs worldwide. BanBanjara offers its selfless services with full customer satisfaction. It provided high-quality experiences across India. The portal is designed as it provides full freedom to the customers to customize and design their own trip.   

The Strong Bond Between People, Planet, Profit 

Traveling is a kind of activity that gives thrills, knowledge, and sharing consciousness. This is the best way to know the places, people, culture.  Places are made by God- full of flora and fauna but “People” made it suitable for living and explorable. The culture is also defined by people by the different ways of living. As time passed it became the identity of that specific area. India is a great country due it has all the specialties of the world here at one place you will find minus degree temperature with snow-clad mountains, on the other hand, you will find barren sand dunes desert. This country has dense rain forests like amazon and beautiful sea beaches which are as beautiful as other beaches on the earth.

 *Fig 2. Tree Plantation by BanBanjara

These three words -” Peoples, Planet, Profit” seem different but they are incomplete without each other.  One thing we should keep in mind is that here the meaning of the word profit is much different in terms of finance. The profit which we are talking about here is a sharable which equally divides between all living beings. The word people related to the persons who are related to each other by any means and planet means obviously our beloved mother earth who always showers her natural blessings upon us.

Why should you do the same?

Directly or Indirectly this triple principle has a strong influence on CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility. In terms of the travel industry, CSR is the must be required. The travel industry depends upon the multi-stakeholders concept where each stakeholder is important as the first one and as the last one. If the chain breaks all the things will be messy. The motive of CSR is the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Tourism business and local communities both are the key factors to grow the region in terms of socio-economic development. The awareness of customers about responsible tourism works like a miracle for the natural sustainability of a particular region and employees play a key role to educate and aware of the customers about the same. This type of CSR has been implemented by BanBanjara and Mr. Samarth Garg, CEO BanBanjara considers and looks at it as his personal interest. 

 *Fig 3. Tourism CSR  by BanBanjara Team

So the thing is that if a startup can implement it by considering it valuable then why big travel giants are lagging behind. Even they have ample resources to manage it very well.  It is not the advice to all but responsible travel, sustainability, socio-economic development all these things are our responsibility towards the planet earth. We can consider it as a return gift to nature.          

How can you incorporate it?

This principle is not the hardest one to follow even if it will become the simplest one if any company considers it as their personal responsibility towards the ecosystem. These “triple P” forms the ecosystem where each one is important if any of them will be missing then the whole system will be collapsed and shattered. 

To incorporate it into your organization first you have to analyze what kind of resources you have and how they will be in action with the plan to implement the concept. The universal truth we all know is the plan. So a better plan with resources will give an upper hand and the probability of success will be more. Here, success is not the financial one the meaning of success is to develop and encourage the ecosystem in which people, planet and profit will be the beneficiaries.

The backbone of every business is resources and employees so if you enable and encourage them to do so which we are talking about from the start of this article. It will make this world better. All the knots of this chain will have to work towards achieving the result. In which an organization by having a positive mindset regarding the environment will play a major role because from customers, employees and up to local communities are essential parts of the system. Without them even we can’t imagine the blueprint of the system.

If we talk about the initial thing then that will be the People and Planet so as the first step people involved in it that is Management, Employees, Customers, Vendors,  Area specific Local Vendors for them there will be time to time awareness program to educate them for implementing CSR strategies. It will help the companies in the long term to achieve the vision of the fine ecosystem. If this kind of the first step will be implemented successfully then it directly benefits the planet. All stakeholders will be equally responsible.

Profit is the extra outcome in addition to what we have spent initially. As a responsibility, a part of the profit must be re-invest in the ecosystem to nurture the environment and society.  Now again the game is of management and analysis. The right direction will lead to the right results. Yes, profit matters but reinvestment of the profit for sustainability is a far better thing above our imagination. Its results will be long-lasting.      

Benefits of PPP For Your Business

Benefits in terms of monetary gain are nothing when we have set our mind positively for long term sustainable goals. Actually, according to the CSR pyramid proposed by Caroll, 1991 there are two top terms i.e Philanthropic and Legal responsibility. Both terms are related to the final conclusion of CSR activities. There is a long term benefit of following the triple principle. This will have an impact on all stakeholders. The benefits are as follows.  

  • General

In general terms the benefits are, You obviously will become the organization that follows the “Global Code of Ethics for Tourism” formed by UNWTO. These are the guidelines to make a better environment on this planet through tourism.  

  • Customers

Each business depends on the customers. They are key stakeholders so customer satisfaction is more than anything so if there will be bonds with the customers it will directly have an effect on the profit which can be reinvested. Also by awareness of the customers, responsible traveling will be encouraged and provides positive results.

  • Employees

Incentive travel programs for employees will be the better way to aware them of how to contribute to the local community to achieve the long-lasting goal of making a better ecosystem. During the trip, they will be able to interact with local communities and learn the concepts of ecotourism that are directly related to the planet. 

  • Cooperations

Travel business totally depends upon the cooperation between the company, vendors, suppliers and area-specific service providers. If you influence them in a better way towards sustainability and responsibility it will help you to form a fine system as a result.  

  • Quality Management

By using the feedback of all stakeholders the company will get fair data to maintain the quality which results in great customer satisfaction as well as by having corrections on negative feedback if any the quality of the company will automatically be fine. 

  • Culture

If a company implements the triple principle it means it is directly protected or conserves the culture of the respective region and community. Also, your travel products will portray a fair image of having responsibility.    

So as a conclusion the travel company startup BanBanjara implemented and followed the strict triple principle and  in a short duration achieved positive results so now it is our responsibility to give some return gift to nature. 

So now it is my pledge to follow the triple P principle. What about you ?

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