Korean Clothing for Kids at Your Doorstep

Korean children’s clothing specialty store, all the goods are made in Korea, air freight to Hong Kong. We should aim to bring the highest quality, safest and fashionable Korean children’s clothing to every parent.

When you are living in Korea you must know a Korean children’s clothing online shop placed in Hong Kong. You will get fashionable and high-quality Korean children’s clothing to the community; we hope that parents can enjoy the best quality Korean children’s clothing at the best price. All Korean 童裝 in a quality store are made in Korea and shipped to Hong Kong by air.

Children’s Product Safety Law

South Korea has a special [Children’s Product Safety Law] for Korean children’s clothing. All infants and children’s textiles are subject to this law. Their quality must be tested and certified by an authorized Korean testing agency. Coupled with government policy to promote the design industry, children’s clothing in South Korea is not only guaranteed quality, but also has design and fashion. The store has its own chief designer, with ten years of design experience, check the corporate design guidelines and provide professional Korean fashion matching advice.

KOL Tong Dad

Korean children’s clothing KOL Tong Dad, founded Kiddie Kisses Korean children’s clothing brand with love. Hello, everyone! I’m Dad Tong, and Zhong remembers that one piece of one-piece workers’ jeans that my mother bought for me when I was very interested, because it is imported, it has a good texture and a good durability. Other classmates scrambled to ask their parents to buy one. After getting married, I found that children’s clothing is really proud, so I drove myself to study martial arts and researched the design of various children’s clothing. Later, I took a lot of bread for 8 months, and worked hard to create a children’s clothing store that specializes in Korean children’s clothing. Consciously providing the best quality and safest Korean children’s clothing to the next generation is also a good social responsibility.

Get Designers Cloth For Children

The Korean government’s policy is to promote the design industry. Therefore, the children’s clothing design industry in South Korea is booming. Many children’s clothing companies have their own design brands. Therefore, the quality of Korean children’s clothing is not only guaranteed, but also has design and fashion. The store has its own chief designer, with ten years of design experience, 360 all-round designers are all involved, holding strict design guidelines for the company’s Korean children ’s clothing, and providing professional fashion matching advice, in order to ensure that consumers ’Korean children ’s clothing is guaranteed For use with stylish to unique design.

There are a lot of designer things in Korea for children. Like dinosaur shirts and pants have been liked by kids. So, parents also buy them these types of clothes along with casual dresses. Pink dresses are also liked by baby girls and many Korean moms get their little girls pink clothes. There are also bear pants famous from long time in Korea for baby boys as well.

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