INTERVIEW: Quirky Electro Pop Artist GOLDBRINGER

Hi Ben, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! I’ve been very good. And very busy! Last time I spoke to you in 2018, it was as the singer for Malum Sky, so it’s good to be here talking to you about my solo project Goldbringer, which is completely different! Thanks for having me.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “What’s Your Location Bro?” ?

‘What’s Your Location Bro?’ was one of the first tracks I put together for the new album ‘Soundtracks’ and in many ways helped set the tone for the whole writing process. The lyrics deal with the relationships that people have, whether they are professional or personal, and how they change over time. Sometimes people drift apart naturally, and sometimes a particular situation or circumstance can end a relationship. The meaning is broad and open to interpretation depending on you own experiences.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Rather than being about a particular event, it’s more about the concept of a communication breakdown. Everyone has their own mind and their own ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong. When two people, or two group’s opinions and feelings on things are at their most disparate, when there is a total disagreement, things fall apart! Ideals and feelings can override logic and reason.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The idea for the lyric video came later, after I’d finished the whole album. I wanted to try something different to a performance video, something that could incorporate the Lucio Fulci themes and be part of a larger visual accompaniment to the album. With this in mind I tasked fellow artist and friend, Alban Low with plucking the Lucio Fulci inspired imagery from my mind to create the artwork for the album. Alban did such a fantastic job that I was able to use his artwork to expand those themes into music and lyric videos for the whole album. I think ‘Soundtracks’ has a pretty distinct sonic identity and I wanted it to have a visual identity that matched.

The single comes off your new album Soundtracks – what’s the story behind the title?

The album is literally the soundtrack to my life whilst I was making it. I was writing lots of lyrics, trying lots of different musical ideas, and watching films by the late Italian film director Lucio Fulci. The title is doubly apt when you consider that the album is also my own personal soundtrack to Fulci’s films, my musical reaction to works, as a fan.

The album has a bit of a split personality in the sense that it’s a combination of me expressing myself as an artist, and as a fan. I’m a huge fan of Lucio Fulci’s films, and of Fabio Frizzi, who composed the score to many of Fulci’s most celebrated movies. Certain tracks on the album are my tribute to them and their magnificent body of work. There are also two other nods to film directors on the album, but I’ll leave you to find them yourself!

How was the recording and writing process?

I did everything at home in my makeshift mini-studio over the course of 3 or 4 months. I had a couple of songs with a working vocal coming together when I decided to take my love of Italian horror and giallo film director, Lucio Fulci, and try to channel the mood and atmosphere from his work into my own. That idea really excited me and that’s when things really started to take shape. I could see the beginning, middle and end of the album in my mind. Goldbringer had been infected by the Fulci Virus!

Once I had all the tracks completed and a mix I was mostly happy with, I decided I needed a totally fresh set of ears to bring the album to completion. That’s what led me to fellow South Wales artist and producer, Minas. He was able to start work with me almost immediately and he really helped to balance out the album and give it a consistent identity. It’s tough to do that sometimes because I don’t tend to hang around in the same sonic landscape for long, I like going to different places on the same journey, breaking the rules, changing things up whenever the mood takes me. I have no respect for the audio frequency spectrum, I’m probably a producers worst nightmare!

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical work?

The biggest departure is that it’s a full 50min album. I usually work in a 4 or 5 song EP format, but this time I felt I had more to say. Working with another producer to help flesh out the tracks was something new as well. It definitely helped increase the quality of the final product and it’s something I will aim to do again for the next record.

On the whole it’s a natural evolution of the Goldbringer sound. If you check out my back catalogue (all available at, I’d hope that you would agree that it grows and gets better every time. It probably gets a little weirder every time too, which I like.

What made you want to go for a much more cinematic approach with this record?

Cinema and video in general has always been part of Goldbringer. I’ve spent hours researching and searching for the right clips to compliment audio and video. Naturally, when maestro Fulci’s films became such a large part of the inspiration for this album, I wanted to follow through with a visual theme that complimented the music and paid homage to ‘The Maestro’.

Whilst on the subject of a cinematic approach, every track on ‘Soundtracks’ has an accompanying video. I’ve effectively created a twisted 50min musical! I’ll be releasing these videos over the coming months and the album will also be available as one continuous film: ‘Soundtracks: The Movie’ !

All of this video content will be published on my YouTube Channel (, hit me up with a subscribe to the channel and get all these videos in your feed when they’re released.

What aspect of society and culture did you get to explore on this record?

As you mentioned, things have taken a more cinematic turn this time around. An interesting part of Fulci’s history that I tried to incorporate into the music, was his battle with the British Board of Film Classification. His films were among the most graphic and extreme being made at the time and the BBFC took exception to Fucli in particular when rating and outright banning films. One of Fulci’s films from the 1980’s ‘The New York Ripper’ is still banned in this country in it’s original uncut form! Listen to the track ‘Nove Note In Nero’ and watch it’s accompanying video, being released soon. This track is my homage to this particular part of Fulci’s legacy.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Apart from the obvious Fulci references on this album, it’s been a very organic process. I live in the moment and I try not to think too hard about what comes next with the music and lyrics. Whatever is on my mind at the time might become a lyric and whatever sounds good at the time might become part of a new song. I try to let my influences work on a subconscious level so I’m always open to new ideas and directions. I think Goldbringer is a mixture of vocal songs, instrumentals, and some ambient moments mainly because I let the song guide me, rather than making a conscious decision to follow a formula or fit into a genre. It keeps things interesting!

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! I’m working on a live set right now, featuring selected tracks from the new album, along with some from the back catalogue. I’m hoping to announce some gigs very soon!

What else is happening next in GOLDBRINGER’s world?

I’ll be releasing a series of videos over the coming months in support of the album, one for every track. So keep an eye on the YouTube channel for those. In the meantime, getting this show on the road is my main concern. I worked hard creating everything for ‘Soundtracks’ last year, so getting to go onto a stage and blast it all out this year is the pay-off! Watch this space.

Check out the lead single ‘What’s Your Location Bro’ here:

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