10 Best Things To Do In Trogir, Croatia


If your travels ever lead you along Croatian coast, don’t hesitate to visit the beautiful town Trogir, located between the much bigger cities of Split and Zadar. This captivating medieval town, whose historical UNESCO protected center lies in the small islet between the mainland and the island of Čiovo, is perhaps small in size but the abundance of well-preserved historical monuments, meandering cobblestone streets and breathtaking views undoubtedly make the trip worthwhile. So if you’re considering visiting Trogir, here are the 10 best things you can do once you get there to make the best out of your stay and create memorable moments which you will cherish long after you return home.

1- Take a guided walking tour

If you’re interested in visiting all landmarks and learn something new along the way, the guided walking tour might be the best option for you. There are many walking tours around the town and they all last up to 1-1.5 hours. Walking tours are available in various languages and their starting time is also often flexible, so they are a great way of getting to know the place from a local’s perspective in a short time.

2- Visit the town square

If you prefer going sightseeing at your own pace and without a guide, you can always go visit the landmarks on your own – and the town square is a perfect place to start. As the center of the town, most of the top historical and architectural landmarks are are located on the town square, with the Cathedral of St Lawrence being the most impressive one. This magnificent architectural wonder has various architectural styles – mostly Romanesque and gothic – spanning throughout the building, due to the fact that it took over 300 years to finish its construction. The most notable parts of the cathedral are surely the famous 13th century romanesque door with portal carved by Master Radovan featuring various biblical motives and the 14th century bell tower, open for visitors for a small fee.

Next to the cathedral is the Duke’s palace, the centre of political power and a place for public discussions. The building, mostly built during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, has kept its purpose as an administrative centre even today, when it is being used as the Town Hall. The inner courtyard of the Duke’s palace also hides an interesting historical gem – the well with one of the only remaining reliefs of the Venetian lion, which is definitely worth seeing (and maybe taking a picture or two!).

Town square is also the location of the prominent medieval palaces, with Cipiko palace being the most famous one.  The palace boasts a number of unique features, the most notable one being a carved wooden statue of a rooster which was taken as a “souvenir” from an Ottoman battleship after a decisive battle in the mid 15th century.

If you get tired of sightseeing, you can always sit in one of the many caffes on town square and admire the landmarks while sipping a nice cup of coffee, while also enjoying various concerts of traditional and popular music which often take place there during the summer.

3- Visit the City Loggia

Next to the Duke’s palace there is yet another landmark for you to explore on the town square – Clock Tower and City Loggia. Throughout the history, the porch or loggia was used as a public property, as a hideaway, a court room and as a temporal custody for petty criminals. It is also the place where you can often hear the traditional dalmatian a-capella groups known as klapa singing throughout the summer.


4- Explore the narrow streets around the town square

The best way to explore the town on your own is to wander along the narrow cobblestone streets which connect the entire city center. Among the walls of those streets you can find the best bistros, restaurants, caffes and shops and really get to know the town from a local perspective. In addition, they are great if you’re looking for the perfect picture – there are many picturesque stone staircases, arches, colourful doors and windows which will look perfect on your Instagram!


5- Take a walk along the promenade

One of the most recognizable parts of the town and the place where everyone (locals and tourists) comes to soak in the sunshine and chat with their friends is the Trogir promenade, so-called “Riva”. Sure, it is not as grandiose as the promenades in bigger cities such as Split, but it is a perfect place for a nice walk between the palm trees, while gazing at the boats passing by or enjoying a sunset. After you take a break in one of the numerous caffes or restaurants at the promenade, you can also book some exciting day trips and tours of the nearby islands and national parks on one of the excursion stands at the end of the promenade, which leads us to our next tip on how to spend your holiday in Trogir.


6- Go on an excursion to the nearby islands or a national park

Due to its location, Trogir is a great starting point for visiting the nearby historical and natural landmarks. There is an abundant offer of various land or boat excursions you can consider while staying in Trogir. If you’re interested in boat trips, the most popular ones are the so-called 3 island tours and 5 island tours which take you on a visit to various islands in Dalmatian archipelago –  the 3 island tour takes you to the closest islands – Drvenik, Šolta and Čiovo island, while the much longer 5 island tour takes you on a further adventure to see some of the most popular destinations such as the famous Blue Cave on Biševo island, Hvar island and Stiniva beach on Vis island.

For those who do not want to spend a day on a boat but would still like to enjoy in the nature a great option would be to go on a trio to Krka Waterfalls, national park located just 1 hour of driving from Trogir. Krka Waterfalls offers beautiful views of the cascades and waterfalls along Krka river which is why it is a perfect choice for those looking to take a nice walk in the intact nature. You can even go swimming in the river in one of the selected areas next to the waterfall!


7- Enjoy the view from the top of Kamerlengo Fortress

At the end of the Trogir promenade you will find the impressive Kamerlengo fortress, built in the 15th century by the Venetians. Although relatively small in size, the fortress is worth visiting due to the breathtaking view from the top, spreading over the town, the sea and nearby islands. Just be careful – the stairs to the very top of the fortress are in some parts very narrow and steep, so it is not recommendable for persons with mobility issues. The inner courtyard of the fortress is also often the place where various concerts and manifestations take place during the summer.

If you’re visiting Kamerlengo Fortress, make sure to also visit the nearby renaissance St. Mark’s Tower. Not as grandiose as the fortress, the Tower built in circular shape was once used to support artillery and to defend the channel between the island and the mainland.


8- Spend a day on the beach

Sightseeing and exploring the landmarks is fun, but one of the main reasons which draws travellers to Croatia in the summer is the sea and the beaches, so if you are looking to spend a nice and relaxing day on the beach while visiting Trogir, the ideal choice is the main beach in Okrug Gornji located on Čiovo island just 3 km from Trogir. Because the island is connected to the old Trogir center with a bridge and because of various taxi boats which go regularly from Trogir promenade to Okrug Gornji with affordable prices, Okrug beach is easily and quickly accessible from Trogir. The beach has a large offer of beach bars, restaurants, caffes and watersport activities, which makes it perfect for families who wish to have all the necessary amenities in one place.

Čiovo also has many other smaller secluded beaches around the island, perfect for those who are looking for a less crowded places to spend their days and don’t mind spending a little more time reaching them.

If you’re looking for something closer to Trogir, there is also Pantan beach located at the mouth of Pantan river just outside the town, next to the protected nature reserve. What makes Pantan beach unique and especially great for those travelling with children is the fact that it is a pebble beach but with a sandy bottom under the sea and very shallow water.


9- Take an adventure tour

Trogir is not just a great destination for those looking to soak in the sunshine on the beach and swim in the sea, if you are looking for a more exciting holiday – there something for you as well. You might want to try rafting on Cetina river near town Omiš, approximately 45 km from Trogir.  The tour will take you to a 3 hours long ride on a 10 km route down one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia, where you can enjoy in rapids, waterfalls and caves while being surrounded with intact nature. If you really want to pump up your adrenaline, you can try zip-line which is also located in Omiš. Other option for adventure seekers is quad adventure on Čiovo island, which will give you a chance to explore the nature and marvel at the breathtaking views and scenery while driving a quad around the island. If you’re more interested in exploring the sea, don’t miss a chance to go on a diving or snorkelling tour which will take you to some of the most amazing diving locations in the area.


10- Visit the local green and fish market

Visiting the local farmers market is a great way to experience the town and to get the best homegrown fruit and vegetables. The green market in Trogir is conveniently located just outside the old town core and it’s a perfect place not only to try the local homegrown fruit and vegetables, but also locally produced olive oil and various other local homemade delicacies and products. Other than green product, the market is also the place where you can find big variety of souvenirs and other homemade products, toys or clothes. If you’re looking for fresh fish and seafood, the local fish market is just across the street.

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