Planning a Birthday Party

Take the stress out of planning a party with this handy guide!

Here are some things to consider when planning a birthday party:

Theme: Always consider the person whose party you are planning.  Do you want a theme relating to where the party is being held or to one of their interests?  For example, if they are having their party at a farm, do you want all the cups, plates, cake, etc. to have this theme?  If their favourite character is Batman or Wonder Woman, would it be good to have games that have a superhero theme or have people dress up in fancy dress?  Is it a special birthday age? Does the person have a particularly fond memory of an era they would like to have as their theme?

Venue: Is the party going to take place at home or is it going to be at a bowling alley, swimming pool, health spa, local hall or elsewhere?  How many people are going? Do you need to pay a deposit and how soon before the party does the venue need to know exact numbers? Make sure you plan a rough budget for the party and stick to it!

Food & Drink: Is food provided or do you need to do the catering or get someone in to do it for you?  Is there a bar or café at the venue who can provide what you require? Is hot or cold food a better option?  Remember: if you are planning to prepare the food and drink yourself, make sure it can be done in advance and choose items that are easy to prepare/store beforehand.  You may need to consider whether the venue has a fridge, oven or kitchen area that you can use. You should also think about how you are going to transport food/drink to the venue with ease.  If you are using a catering company, check exactly what they are providing and make sure they understand what you require. Go by recommendation if possible.

Making it special: There are lots of ways you can make the birthday boy/girl feel special.  You can put banners up personalised with their name and age, you can buy or make a cake with their name and age and special theme on.  Why not get them a T-shirt made with their name and age on? Maybe even give each person attending the party their own birthday girl shirt for the party instead of a party bag?  You could put photos up of the person so they can reminisce about their past… but make sure the person won’t be embarrassed or offended if you do this!  You could include disposable cameras for guests to take photos on or even set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures with props and balloons!

Invitations: Make a guest list and ensure invitations are sent out in advance.  Make sure you include contact details and a date to reply by so that you can ensure the right amount of food, drink, tableware, party bags are ordered/available.

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