Keith Gray – President and Founder of Gray and Sons

There are only a few well-known persons in the world. DO you know that there are 1000+ millionaires in the world and everyone has its own story? Some are born with a golden spoon, and some have made their empire on their own by working day and night. You will find an interesting life history of the entrepreneurs who have made their empire themselves. We have Interviewed the same person named Keith Gray (president and owner of Gray and Sons), and we will tell you about his companies and the effort he put to start the company.

Early life

Keith Gray was born in Miami and had a family who supported each other in times of need. In our interview, Keith said that we used to walk around Miami Beach, and the people were too supportive and humble in those days. We used to help our neighbors, and it was a good feeling.

How did you start Gray and Sons?

In the interview, we asked Keith about the vision of Gray and Sons, and he replied that he was studying at the University of Florida to become a vet. He has a degree of zoology, but he took a break from his studies. He opened a store on Lincoln road while taking a break from his studies.

In those days, silver and jewelry were selling at a high price, and people were selling their jewelry, old watches, and heirlooms. Fifty years of accumulation came out from every one draws from 1930 to 1980. Gold was selling at $35 an ounce in 1975, and it was $800 an ounce in 1980. Similarly, the silver was selling for $1 in 1930, and it was $45 in 1980. Significant pieces of jewelry came out, and many jewelers do not have the taste, appreciation, and understanding of these pieces. They were taking this jewelry to the refinery and melting them to make new jewelry.

Things changed, and more serious people need more serious watches. Brands like Rolex, Constantine, Vacheron started becoming more attractive to people. More exciting design, the more interesting the observation would be. Antique watches began to be a collectible item, and the prices of the watches increased.

Some of these antique watches had some fantastic feature which made them unique: They had a stopwatch called a chronograph. They have a phase of the moon or a calendar that will tell you the day and month. Some of these watches have perpetual calendars where they know whether it is 28 days or 30 days’ month. All of the mechanism in this watch was mechanical. People started to pay $20000 to $50000 foe these watches depending on their features, and this is what made Keith Gray to start the company.

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