How to Spice Up Your Photos: 7 Creative Photography Techniques to Try

Over 130,000 professional photographers found work in 2018. It’s a lucrative business, whether you’re helping companies improve their digital marketing or snapping wedding photos.

If you’re looking to up your photography game, there’s no need to invest in expensive classes.

Instead, experiment with techniques that will make your photography stand out from the crowd.

Read on for 7 creative photography techniques that will wow your friends, family, and potential clients!

  1. Capture a Silhouette

Everyone loves golden hour photography. The golden hour comes twice a day, either right after the sunrise or right before the sunset. Because the sunlight creates a gorgeous yellow-orange glow, this is the optimal time to take photos that let the natural light cast your subject in shadow.

  1. Create Motion Blurs

Motion blurs are a great way to add texture and depth to an image but they’re not always easy to capture well. Experiment with moving your camera as you take a photo. At first, you may find that the whole image is blurry but with practice, you can perfect the art of balancing a strong focus with a motion blur.

  1. Gain a Different Perspective

Branch out from photos that are taken at a horizontal or slightly tilted angle. Head up somewhere high and take a photo straight down or lay down on the ground and take a photo straight up.

  1. Flip the Script

Flipping a photo can do wonders, especially if you’ve taken a photo in a mirror. Even photos saved from certain social media platforms are saved backward, which can distort the image. Flip a picture online and see how it improves the balance of the image.

  1. Go Bokeh-Crazy

Some photos benefit from a touch of bokeh, which is the hazy, rounded effect your lens will capture when it doesn’t focus on points of light. If you’re out on the town at night, snap a few shots that capture every point of light in the bokeh fashion! To do so, you’ll want to switch your camera to the manual focus setting and get your lens almost completely out of focus.

Try this a few times with your lens set to different levels of focus until you achieve the desired effect.

  1. Master Forced Perspective

Forced perspective can be loads of fun when executed properly! The goal is to create the optical illusion that something is closer or smaller than it actually is.

To do so, you will need to shoot close up to the subject in the foreground who must stand a good distance away from the subject in the background. Meanwhile, the goal is to make it appear as though these two subjects are actually very close together. Forced perspective is best used for comedic photography, although you can capture some cool or thought-provoking images with this technique, as well.

  1. Start Using Burst Mode

If you’re shooting an event or a subject that is in motion, use your camera’s burst mode. This will give you a larger range of pictures to choose from in post-production and increase the odds that you get a great shot.

Practice Creative Photography Techniques to Improve Your Skills

The more creative photography techniques you master, the more you’ll be able to offer at your next photoshoot. Clients often have specific ideas in mind and if you can execute all of them, you’ll have found a client for life!

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