Better Digital Drugs than IDoser

Technology has brought many products that seem futuristic, but they are just the result of many years of research and hard work. Nobody would have that thought a hundred years ago that by just listening to sounds can influence your mind. There are many products on the market, and one of them is IDoser. It is a program that is designed to play audio files to induce experience in the listener. But this device is addictive, expensive and can be toxic for you. In this article, we will tell you the Better Digital Drugs than IDoser that is non-toxic, addiction free, and less expensive. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the article and review the new emerging product in the market.

Iblissnow software was developed much later with different and more advanced technology. It was established in quantum physics lab by using quantum supercomputer technology.

How does it work?

The process is done by a psychoactive sample substance with the process of micro digitalization with its energetic blueprint. Then, it mega amplifies that print multi-millions of time through distortion-free instruments. It is then encoded in MP3, Jpeg, and videos so that the generated energy file is encoded into the electronic medium. When the file is played, the audio and video amps of the computer further amplifies the psychoactive energy, and a digital pulse substance emerges from the speakers or headphones. With this process, an expanded bio-active vital energy is created.

You will experience the exact energy of the original substance. It is not about a few frequencies that create the substance but all of the subtle and gross qualities of the original substance –undistorted and completely intact. Energy and substance are then amplified because they are 100% identical to each other.

To keep this product safe from mental distortion, the energy is lowered to remove the amplification process. Smooth and clean energy will build to its experience with this process. This situation feels like micro-dosing, also known as an energetic, smart pill. Others call it a calm state.

You don’t need headphones to play the playback, and it can be played on a computer too. You can enjoy this experience by carrying your mobile anywhere. The intensity of experience can be adjusted by controlling the volume.

With this product, you will have peace of mind, and most of the sounds in this product are nature sounds such as ocean waves, babbling brooks waterfalls, etc. This product is great for parties, workshops, therapies, concerts, team building, and group bonding experience.

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