An Explanation of Mercury Retrograde

All planets retrograde in the Solar System, including the Sun and Moon; that is, they appear to move backward in the zodiac. The particular planet retrograding has a direction of motion opposite to that of the earth on its axis or of the planets around the sun. When a planet is retrograde, its influence can be felt for a much longer period of time in the particular part of the chart where it is located. The effect of a retrograde planet can be thought of as a reverse flow of energy from its normal action.

The retrograde symbol is the RX symbol used on all medical prescriptions and is derived from this retrograde aspect. At one time, when people became ill they were regarded like retrograde planets, in other words they did not function to their fullest capacity. Up until the 15th century physicians had to be astrologers before they could practice medicine, hence the retrograde (Rx symbol).

The sun retrogrades once every 180 years, Mercury four times a year, Venus every two years, Mars every two years and all the other planets, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune retrogrades every year for about four months.

The Planet we are most concerned with is Mercury. Mercury is the planet that rules communication. Since it is the closest to the earth we are more affected by its retrograde motion than all other planets. It rules all types of transportation, the news media, negotiations and our thoughts. Mercury retrogrades for a period of three weeks each time. The entire time Mercury retrogrades is important, but the day we have to watch out for is when it crosses in front of the sun. This crossing is called an inferior conjunction. It is a very confusing time and only last for a day or two. This is the exact day it conjuncts the sun while retrograding.

Some of our communications can become confused or entangled during Mercury Rx , resulting in potential misunderstandings with others. So be kind to your sweetie, evaluate your situation first.

They may have said something you didn’t like, but see if they really meant it once Mercury is direct and back at its original position.

Computers, telephones, travel, transportation, appointments, mail delivery even a simple haircut is linked with Mercury. Yes, you may be disappointed with that haircut you got during Mercury Rx at the same time locking your keys in the car. You may lose vital things like your wallet, or the opposite is true, things re-appear.

Some of your everyday life situations during a Mercury Rx can become quite hectic. But use this time to re-evaluate, catch-up, see an old idea or previous business deal through. Its mastering Astrology and evolving spiritually that makes the difference.

Remember to back-up all computer data, do not sign important papers or contracts, contact new client’s, make major decisions-personal or business, and start new ventures at these times. Double check all dates and times of meetings and appointments.

If you have already started working on papers or contracts it is o.k. to complete them. However never start something new.

Allow up to two weeks after Mercury goes direct again so it can be at it’s original degree when it went Rx.

Mercury Retrograde Periods for 2020:

February 18 – March 9, 2020 in  Pisces, ends in Aquarius

June 17 – July 12, 2020 in Cancer

October 13 – November 3, 2020 Scorpio, ends in Libra

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