10 Tips Before Selling Your House Fast

Do you want to sell your house quickly and hope that everything goes quickly and without problems? The following tips for quick house sales help everyone who cannot or does not want to wait long. With some basic knowledge, it is not that difficult to find new homeowners. You can consult with FastFlow Home Buyers LLC simply follow these tips.

Tip 1: Take a close look at the costs

Real estate owners need to consider a long line of tax and cost issues. For example, anyone  who has owned  a rental house for  less than ten years must tax the profit on sale. Then there  are the  additional purchase costs .  Tax free  is the  sale of owner-occupiers . However, the existing loans must also be closely examined. If you want to sell your property quickly and want to redeem loans, you often have to  pay a  prepayment penalty. It is better if the potential buyer takes over the loan. Therefore, even if you want to sell your house quickly, you should first seek advice from your bank.

Tip 2: Realistically calculate the sales value of your property

The price range in USA is extremely different. Prices are very low in some rural areas, but extremely high in metropolitan areas. Find out what similar houses in your area are currently costing and, if necessary, get advice from a real estate agent or your bank. Immobilien Schaller will be happy to advise you for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Tip 3: Take good photos of your property

This is one of the most important tips for quick home sales! Good photos are the be-all and end-all of  a brisk trade, because they attract the most cash-rich prospects. If necessary, invest in a professional photographer if you can’t handle the wide-angle and various exposure options yourself. The timing of the shoot should be chosen precisely. It is often worth taking photos at different times with different lighting conditions. Your property photographed from the outside with a blue sky is certainly advantageous. Sometimes it is also good to take photos before the house or apartment is empty and then to take a picture of the empty property again.

Tip 4: Play it safe with a broker

If you want to sell your house quickly and want as little effort as possible, it is best to go to a broker. Especially if the house was or is still your own home, you should think of a broker. It is often not easy to hear the critical comments of potential buyers during viewing appointments. In addition, prospective buyers sometimes want  viewing appointments at times when you are not at home.  A broker can then make these appointments without you. This saves you time  and increases your chances of a quick sale of your property.

A broker will also answer questions from potential buyers regarding your property in terms of building fabric, location, shopping, etc., in a serious and professional manner. This creates trust and is another plus.

Tip 5: Show your house at its best

Even if you want to sell your property quickly, you should  take the time to do a  pry- up program. An attractive house brings more money than one that still has a lot of cosmetic  repairs to do  . In the meantime there are even specialists who prepare the house specifically for sale. One then speaks of “home staging”. In many areas of USA you can now turn to such a specialist. With a little effort and good taste, you can do this work yourself.

Tip 6: look at your house from the outside

Consider your garden and front yard honestly and as neutral as possible. The front yard and the front door  are particularly important – after all  , they provide the  first impression . Prepare the garden, make sure the stairs are clean, remove garbage or children’s toys and make sure everything looks clean and well-kept.

Tip 7: Make room

This can be difficult if you still live in the property. Nevertheless, you should order a container before selling and moving and separate yourself from everything that can fill up basements, storage, storage rooms and a garage.  Provide space in the living room and pack your private things such as pictures and memorabilia in moving boxes. The  living and sleeping areas should be airy  and contain only a few personal items. The potential buyer must have the feeling of being able to furnish this house. If he sees too much of your things, he only feels “like visiting”.

Tip 8: Make plaster

Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided: you will have to clean several times. For the photo shoot as well as for the viewing appointments, everything should be as  neat and clean as possible  . Dirty door frames, dirty windows, cobwebs on the basement ceilings must not be there and deter potential buyers. You may want to invest in a professional cleaning team. Sometimes you no longer see the places in your own four walls that urgently need a loving hand. Above all, the  kitchen and bathroom must be sparkling clean  and should only contain a few personal items. Don’t forget: potential buyers open the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom and look inside! Also don’t forget before the viewing appointments ventilate sufficiently!

Tip 9: carry out repairs and embellishments

This is especially important  if you no longer live in the property and the property is already empty . Then a few thousand euros can be worthwhile for painters and craftsmen, because the house price rises a lot. Have the walls painted in light and neutral colors, ensure clean floors and well-kept doors. If there are any problems with sockets or strips, have them repaired. The buyer must have the feeling that he can move in at any time without having to make a lot of effort.

Tip 10: Take care of all important documents and be positive towards reviewers

If you want to sell your property yourself, you have to provide all the documents that are important for the buyer. It is therefore advisable to use a broker for this. Do not say no if a potential buyer   wants your property valued by an appraiser . Appraisers ordered by the buyer must also be  paid by the buyer  . Depending on the condition of your property, he finds defects or evaluates the condition positively. If there is no business, you can take this report as a thought. Now you know exactly what needs to be improved so that your house can soon find a new owner.

You should have these documents ready when selling real estate:

  • Official land map
  • Deed
  • Floor plans / blueprint
  • Area calculation
  • Calculation of the enclosed space
  • energy certificate
  • construction contract
  • Evidence of monument protection regulations
  • leases on
  • For rented properties: copies of the rental contracts and proof of rental income, operating expenses for the past three years
  • List of modernizations / renovations
  • Craftsman invoices for all major repairs and conversions
  • Guarantee certificates, invoices and instructions for installation such as heating, fireplace or kitchen
  • Maintenance Records

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