Tips to Help You Donate to Charity Effectively

Donating to the charity of your choice is a great thing. When you donate, not only will it benefit the receiver, but you will also feel a sense of satisfaction and joy. Donating to charities can also reduce your tax burden.

Many people usually don’t know much when it comes to charitable donations; they simply identify a charity and donate. This article gives you some of the tips that can help you to donate smartly.  These tips include:

  1. Identify your passion

Before you donate to a charity, you must find one.  Consider some of the issues that interest you. Ask yourself how you would love to change the world. Once you have chosen which area to focus on, you can then decide whether you want to donate locally or nationally. You can also choose to donate internationally.

  1. Find out if the charity is legitimate

Find a charity that you can trust with your money. You can check out its website to see how it operates and what it has achieved. Sites such as show that this particular organization is legit and you can trust it. Charity scams can be a huge business opportunity for scammers who prey on the good intention of others. Some charities are not even registered as tax-exempt organizations; they are simply operating to siphon money from innocent citizens. To avoid being a victim of charity scams, you should double-check any charity’s credentials.

  1. Check how the organization spend the donations

Before you donate, ensure that your money will be used wisely. According to experts, a charitable organization should spend about 70% of its donations on its mission and the rest on administration and fundraising.

  1. Make your donation to work effectively

After you have made a few donations, your email is more likely to be full of solicitations. You might be tempted to spread the wealth and give a little more. However, you should note that you might use more money if you focus your donation on one We charity.

Remember, each charity has handling and processing costs related to receiving your donation. Your small donation will be reduced after all those costs are calculated.

  1. Give directly

Avoid donating to a telemarketer. He or she might not even be legit. Telephone charity scammers use names similar to those of reputable organizations. They may also say that they are raising funds for noble causes, such as supporting police officers, military families, or veterans. But in reality, your money could be going to the pocket of the person calling.

  1. Donate more than just money

You should never forget that your chosen charity is more likely to use more than money. They also need services. For instance, you can help to serve food or be a part of environmental groups when they need feet to survey land. If you also have a particular skill, such as marketing or web design, you might also donate them.

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