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The Danger of Using Free Essay Samples Online

On the Internet, there are many ways of writing assistance. You might face different writing exercises, online services that write academic papers for you, instructions, algorithms, samples, etc. However, not every way of writing assistance is suitable for a student. Today, we will explain why free essay samples are dangerous for your writing assignments. Along with EssaysDot, the best storage of free essay samples, we have gathered an instruction to using the samples properly.


Unfortunately, many students do not think about it when they see the essay sample. Many of them take it as it is, without correcting anything. As a result, they face the highest percentage of plagiarism. Remember that an essay sample is probably posted on many resources, and you are not the first one who has found it. Also, the services take a lot of successful essays written long before as samples. Do not think that changing the words to synonyms and replacing the sentences will help the situation. Again, you cannot guarantee that you are the first one to do it. Secondly, it is very challenging to apply the synonyms without losing the initial sense of the text. You might face the absence of logic and an incorrect consequence of arguments. 

To avoid this situation, never copy and paste the text like it is. The essay sample is about showing you how a particular essay might be written. 

Lack of Realism

The second problem every essay sample bears is the incompatibility with your real life. A sample essay is usually an imaginary text with a particular purpose: to show a student the proper structure, language style, word count, and lexical choice natural for a particular essay type. Some students treat the stories or the examples in the sample essays too seriously. Many times, they do not reflect the objective reality and exist only for showing how the sentences should be built. For instance, let’s take the passage: 

“According to the statistics published in the Times, the majority of nurses in the US are below the minimum wage. Due to the economic crisis, they have to take additional shifts during holidays.”

This piece of the text shows how to apply parenthesis and beyond the sentence parts. However, it does not have any logical sense. To avoid the false exemplification, treat every essay sample like the famous senseless poems in Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” There, the author composed the lyrics from meaningless words. However, we could understand the initial sense of the sentences due to the particular grammatical forms of the terms. 

Lack of Straightforwardness

Every essay is a reflection of the author’s thoughts and opinions concerning a particular issue, first of all. Only a minor number of essay types do not imply expressing the author’s relationship and way of thinking. In other cases, the essays require an author to analyze the issue. Careless usage of an essay sample here can lead to a number of problems:

  • An author can lend the analysis from the example and miss the goal of their assignment. You can hardly find the essay sample that will fully match your task. Taking somebody’s pieces of analysis can lead to wrong conclusions.
  • It would help if you did not forget that a professor knows you well. They communicate with you every week and know your way of thinking, features of behavior, and your positions concerning some issues. They will suspect you in plagiarism if they see you are writing an essay with a conclusion not peculiar to you. For instance, it would be strange if you claim that global warming is a threat and does not mention it in your environment essay. Remember that an essay sample holds the thought and conclusions belonging to people different from you. You must always adjust your paper to your nature and character.

Inaccurate Language

Some students forget that a sample essay does not mean 100% of grammatical clearness and accuracy. Many irresponsible services would like to publish as many essay examples as they can. Unfortunately, they usually do not check them even for the simplest errors. 

Another problem occurs when a student does not correlate their assignment with the sample. As you know, there are many kinds of essay papers. The language style they use might differ dramatically, even when the topic is the same. For instance, the how-to essay about global warming will not sound the same as the argumentative essay about it. 

To avoid these problems, you must pick a sample according to both to your assignment and topic. Choose only reliable services for picking the sample essays. Do not hesitate to check them by yourself, as the services are not usually responsible for the content they publish.

You should use the sample essays written by professional academic writers if you need them. They are the right way of writing assistance. However, it would help if you turned on your mind when you do it. Keep this instruction by hand next time you do your writing assignment to avoid the problems a sample essay might cause.

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