Restaurant Trends for 2020

Running a restaurant requires you to be trendy and be ahead of the curve. You must know what the latest business strategies are, which dishes are on the rise, and where the industry is going. These trends are what will set you apart from your competition and give your restaurant the edge.

Lifestyle Marketing Campaigns

A lifestyle marketing campaign is an opportunity for the restaurant to do something different and stand out. Not only will the restaurant look, feel, and taste different from its competitors, it will also be different to itself. A lifestyle marketing campaign must speak to your brand persona. It must appeal to your target market. It should evoke emotions that tie into your brand.

Lifestyle marketing campaigns are ideal for user-generated content, meaning the restaurant will give its customers a reason to post something positive and engaging on their social media. Customer’s advocate the brand through their own lived experiences, which brings authenticity to the marketing campaign. The campaign humanizes your brand. It’s not just about buying your product or service; it’s about experiencing it.

Lifestyle marketing campaigns are popular among quick-service restaurants because they do not have a lot of room to be creative in food delivery. The campaign is used to draw in new customers, and thereafter customer retention is the focus.

Ghost Restaurants

Ghost restaurants serve food options to customers strictly by delivery from phone or online ordering. There is no physical location for customers to visit or sit in. This substantially lowers the operating costs of the ghost restaurants, making it a viable option for restaurants looking to expand.

Third-party startups have dominated the space, but brick and mortar restaurants will start launching their own ghost restaurants. Multiple restaurants could lower their costs further by sharing ghost restaurant facilities and delivery costs.

Surge of Technology

One of the restaurants’ key technology trends will be in delivery, how the customer gets their food. Delivery vehicle sharing, autonomous cars, and drones are delivery methods that are active and being explored further. These are largely viable delivery methods that will definitely add the cool factor to any restaurant. By 2020, According to the National Restaurant Association, 70 percent of customers will be ordering food outside the restaurant premises.

Automated robot waiters and chefs are also gaining traction. They are efficient, low cost, and consistent. Using AI, robo chefs can perform intricate human cooking and produce food that is just as good and more consistently. Directors simply upload the recipe, and the robo chef does the rest, including cleaning after itself.

Online ordering, automated chefs/waiters, third party delivery services, and so on can only work if they are tied to the restaurant’s point of sale system (POS). Restaurants will need a smart, adaptable POS that will be able to handle more than just order but adapt to technology and make business easier. They need to be able to handle emerging technology like:

  • order taking from voice assistants like Alexa and google assistant,

  • digital menus that enable customers to view what is on offer, order and pay right from their table,

  • Chatbots, which offer a personalized ordering experience, and

  • self-ordering kiosks.


Consumers are becoming more health and environmentally conscious. They are starting to ask valid questions about where their food comes from, how it is prepared, and how it is produced. One of the rising trends from this consciousness is plant-based food.

Vegan food is gaining traction because it is healthier, more environmentally friendly, and highly nutritious. Vegan dishes are a lifestyle, religious, and cultural choice; this makes them a sustainable long term trend rather than just a fad.

Feed into 2020 Knowing This

The rising wage costs will push more restaurants towards automation. POS technology will need to keep pace with consumers who want an omnichannel ordering system and an industry that needs it to link with business processes. Additionally, customers will demand more personalized service experiences.

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