6 Ways to Grow Spotify Plays The Organic Way

Are you working in the music industry? It’s quite certain that you may be dedicating a lot of hours, in order to get noticed by some of the famous folks of your industry. Getting noticed will help you in creating your fan base, as well as becoming an established music artist.

But for getting to the top, there are some things which you need to do the right way. And those things, are the ones, which will hold you intact and strengthen your position.

And those ways include getting more streams from listeners, and sometimes music owners can buy Spotify plays from some good supplier, and it is good to make the ball rolling.

You can find the number of plays your track on Spotify got, in the stats section of your profile. As you would have guessed, getting more plays means getting more users and followers to your page, so that you’re your profile as a music artist, gets famous.

But then how can you do that? How can you get Spotify plays? Here are some of the ways in which you’d be able to do it.

Some Natural ways of getting more Spotify plays

  • The first way of scoring more plays on the biggest audio sharing platform is branding.

Branding means that your name and work would become lucid in front of the users, and therefore your message will be spread clearly. It’s quite possible that you may be having expertise in a particular music form. And therefore, to attract the users to your tunes on Spotify, who like that particular kind of music, it will important to use the right branding strategies.

Branding strategies will include creating a website of your work, printing business cards, creating social media handles, etc.

Branding will also let you know your position in the industry, and it will help you in improving your tracks, as well as other important factors related to you and your business life.

  • Marketing in the offline circuit as well as online circuit will matter a lot.

It’s quite clear that if you are promoting your music through offline means, then it will cost you a bit. But nevertheless, you can move ahead with a fixed budget, so that there aren’t any issues later on. While we are talking about the online marketing platforms, we know that a lot of stuff is doable with the amount of resources youth have today.

Creating handles over all the big platforms will be an important step. Through those handles, you will be getting the message out.

You will share written content, as well as visuals which will be related to your work. Those visual graphics will hold a lot of potential, and they will be the ones attracting users towards you, in the crowd. Tweeting, posting and producing regular content, will help you in scoring more plays over Spotify.

  • You should also develop strategies of keeping the people happy with your audio tracks.

Look it’s pretty much clear to all the artists who are trying to break their way into the industry, that if you have to attract users, then your first priority would be to keep them satisfied.

Therefore, you may engage in collecting feedback from them. That will improve your chance of getting more plays and followers over your tracks and playlists.

  • There are celebrities and influencers out there in the market, who can engage in the marketing of your tracks. I know it costs a bit, but then again, by spending some money and paying their fees, you can get to the top in a short period of time.

In fact, influencers have got the expertise in such matters. And they can easily spread the jazzy vibe of your music, amongst their fans.

  • Lastly, you can also look forward to YouTube. It may appear as a second thing to focus on, while producing music. But, when you will upload videos of your tracks, then it’s likely that people will start heading towards your profile.

You may upload short clips on your channel, and then ask the viewers to head towards your Spotify profile, in order to listen to the whole track.


These are some of the ways, which are used by most of the people. And by following these steps and strategies, you can get more organic plays!

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