Using saddle-stitched booklets for school programs

Saddle-stitched booklets can be the best option for school programs. Additionally, you can also incorporate the method described above for a wide array of manuals, catalogs, multi-page brochures, newsletters, wall calendars, and periodicals. The best thing about saddle stitching, it saves time.

It is a simple procedure that involves joining the folded pages with the help of wire staples. All you need to do is, placing it through the crease of the book’s spine. As you can understand, it sounds rather simple, yet the end result is a professional-looking document. In this article, we will introduce you to the various aspects of saddle-stitched printing and how it can make a difference.

A brief overview of Saddle Stitching

For the unversed, the name saddle stitching may sound odd. However, the use of wire staples is common in the printing industry, and it is also another name for stitching. It would be best if you draped the collated sheets over a saddle-like apparatus; thus, it is popularly known as saddle stitching.

Generally, for school programs, booklets are a frequent requirement. To initiate saddle stitching, the pages of the book should be in multiples of four. So, for the booklet creation, the size of the book can be an 8-page self-cover, or it can be a 4-page cover book. Both these variants can be created by blending two-folded sheets at a time.

Know the maximum number of pages that you can saddle stitch

For school programs, you will not want to spare any effort to make the U. S. Press saddle stitch booklets to appear professional and appealing. For this reason, consider the maximum number of pages that you can include. Generally, it depends on the thickness of the paper for creating the booklet. As you can understand, if you attach many pages, the booklet will never lie down, and it will remain open from the sides, something that looks very unprofessional.

So, work out with the school authorities and ensure the booklet should not be more than 64 pages. Alternatively, if the content requirement does not accommodate in lesser pages, then opt for printing in thin sheets. It can accommodate around 100 pages. If the page count goes beyond the abovementioned numbers, you should stick to the conventional binding methods like “Coil Binding” or “Perfect Binding.”

Important points to remember

Here are some facts that should help you understand the concept of saddle stitching better.

You cannot have printing on the spine of a saddle-stitched book. The simple reason being, it is not a flat surface. For saddle stitching, you will always make use of two-wire staples. If the booklet is extensive, more staples may be necessary. Usually, school booklets should not be significant, so a couple of wire staples should be enough.

The school authorities may have varied requirements. Precisely, the dimensions of the book can differ. The good news is, saddle stitching will work on any type of sizes and orientations. You only need to focus on the number of pages, and it should not take long to create a good-looking booklet featuring all the information on the school programs.

The advantages of saddle stitching

By now, you must have realized, alongside booklets, you can incorporate saddle stitching for a wide array of requirements. Sure enough, it has many advantages, and we list them for you below.

Saddle stitching is the most cost-efficient method of binding.

It does not take too long to complete saddle stitching; as a result, the turnaround time is fast.

Saddle stitching is the perfect alternative for both short and long production runs.

Usually, for programs such as school booklets, catalogs, that does not require many pages, the procedure works very well.

The method of binding also offers the flexibility to make books in various sizes. From a pocket guide to a road map, it can bind everything.

For added convenience, the books can be punched via a hole along the spine. Thus, it becomes easier inserting it into a ringed binder.

The designing process is a breeze. Furthermore, it can also accommodate various artwork images that can span in two adjacent pages.

Last but not the least, this form of binding relieves the pressure while printing. Thus, it is a good option for booklets that require to be sent via mail.

What about custom-sized booklets?

Schools may have the requirement of custom-sized booklets. Presently, many providers are offering customized saddle stitching. So, whatever may be the prerequisite, saddle stitching is there to help you out.

That is it; we believe, now, you are much more familiar with saddle stitching and its varied advantages. Try it out for your school program, and you will not regret it. When you find an experienced service provider, they will assist you and leave no stones unturned to make the booklets for the school program a grand success.

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