How does guest posting and blog outreach help boost website ranking?

According to a recent Google Search Statistics, it was discovered that over 5.8 billion search queries are being initiated per day, with an average of 1 billion people searching for a thing or two on the internet every day. But guess what’s intriguing; people don’t just search online haphazardly; instead, there is a pattern. According to another recent survey, it was established that when people search for info, item, or facts online, they do so in two ways; either by visiting popular, well-renowned websites (authority websites) or searching randomly. With these facts, it is fairly obvious that people only visit reputable sites or, on rare occasions, visit sites that are on the first page of search results. Unfortunately, no website can rank or raise itself to the first pages of search results on its own; instead, something needs to be done. To that end, we present to you in this article the ultimate off-page SEO technique – guest blogging outreach.

What is guest posting and blog outreach?

Coining the terms “guest posting” and “blog outreach,” guest blogging outreach can be defined as a strategic way of connecting with your target audience on other websites they use. Guest posting is the practice of publishing a post on a high ranking website or blog (authority website) in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and ultimately, links. Links are extremely crucial if you ever wish to have your website ranking on the first pages of search engines because of the preference giving to them by engines, like Google. Blog outreach, on the other hand, is a way of pitching to these authority websites to place and publish your post on their platforms. Trust me; it is a lot harder than it sounds. Most of these authority websites boast high-end editors and teams, and as such, they don’t just post random contents on their sites or links to shabby websites.

How does guest posting and blog outreach help your website rank higher?

Although other SEO techniques can be adopted in ranking a website higher, guest posting is still one of the most effective strategies, and for obvious reasons too. Taking a quick glance at the stats we presented above, it is clearly evident that guest posting is the best way to go if you want internet users (your target audience) to find you or your brand quickly. Guest posting gives your website a chance to be found on the digital space quickly by both getting your website name on the pages of the so-called reputable websites (authority websites) and also ranking you higher so that even when people search randomly, you’ll still be found. So, how do you leverage these benefits of guest posting and blog outreach to rank your website higher? Feel free to check out the next frame!

How is guest posting and blog outreach done?

As we’ve mentioned, if you want to rank your website higher, you should be treading the guest posting path, as it helps bring your brand name and link into those authority sites that your target audiences love to visit. But thats’s not even all; it also leaves Google, and other relevant search engines, with no choice but to rank your website on the first pages of their search results because of the types of links it affiliates with your website, thereby making your website one of the first to be found when people search randomly for things in your industry niche. But how is it done?

  • Step 1: Find the best sites for guest posting

For an effective guest posting strategy, you need to research the best authority sites in your industry niche. Usually, there are a lot of them. But it might be challenging for you identifying them on your own. To this end, you might want to consider hiring the services of a guest posting expert like Rank Wisely. They have an inventory of sites, they have good, existing relationships with several sites, and as such, researching the best sites in your niche is fairly easy for them.

  • Step 2: Research sites and editors

Like we mentioned earlier, authority websites don’t just accept every post that comes their way. Therefore, you might need to research the ones that do and what their guidelines are. Once again, this is a pretty daunting task for someone who’s not a pro. But when you buy guest blog posts, you can expect the guest posting service expert to help you conduct effectively this research.

  • Step 3: Develop topic ideas

Yes, guest posting is all about content creation too. First things first, those contents you intend publishing has to be created. Usually, the content idea should be something that addresses the pain points of your target audience. However, it takes a pro to really come up with the right topic ideas, while also crafting and curating the right content. To this end, you should leave your content creation and guest posting efforts in the hands of a guest post service expert.

  • Step 4: Craft a compelling pitch for your guest blogging outreach

Finally, you’re going to need to reach out to the said authority websites. Unfortunately, many of them are pretty tough to convince or please. However, you need not bother about doing this yourself, as this is best done professionally, and as such, you need a pro to handle it for you.

How it helps to boost website rank

Every SEO technique has its own unique way of bringing about the results you desire. For guest posting, it’s all about content, pitching, and placement. Eventually, guest posting brings you the higher rankings you desire by:

  • Exposing you to your target audience on the platforms they trust already

  • Driving quality traffic to your website through link-building

  • Bringing about social media growth through word-of-mouth and referrals from those that have been impressed with your content

  • Exposing your website to Google and other search engines through link-building

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