Why Your Car Needs Comprehensive Brake System Inspection?

The brakes of a car are not simply a pedal and a lever that works when they want or when they have to stop, beyond that there is a whole system that is done without us noticing, and they are the reason that when driving we stay safe. The brake system has been updated and improved over time to stop being somewhat rudimentary and give way to devices and sensors of the highest technology.

Whether before going on the road or when establishing a certain period, it is always important to verify that the different parts of the car are in perfect condition for efficient driving. And within the revisions that must be made is the brake system.

The brake system is the most important for road safety

There are two types of brakes:

  • Drum brakes

The drum brake system is generally located on the rear wheels, its main advantage is to have a large braking surface, and is formed by:

Drum: It is the moving part that is attached to the wheel.

Brake plate: It is the fixed part that is coupled to the structure of the car.

Shoes: They are steel plates welded in the shape of a crescent, and that are covered with linings, also called Ferodo’s.

Among its characteristics are:

  • Smaller pieces

  • Easy assembly and operation

  • More cooling

Disc brakes can change drum brakes with a hydraulic system

  • Disc brakes

The disc brake system is located on the front wheels, or it can be implemented on all four wheels and consists of:

Disc: It is attached to the wheel.

Jaw or Caliper: It is mounted on the sleeve that joins the suspension with the wheel.

Piston: It is inside the jaw, and thanks to the hydraulic system, it generates the necessary pressure between the discs and the ballads.

Bullets or brake pads: Friction element that stops the disc to reduce speed. It is also attached to the jaw.

Among its characteristics are:

  • Greater efficiency

  • Complex system

  • Poor cooling

Tucson Brake Repair strive to implement safe and durable brake systems

The brake system has the function of stopping the movement of the car when prompted. For that reason, it is essential to have a good operation of the car, and it is the reason to give them the care and maintenance they need and not leave them careless. To verify that they are in good condition, you must do the following:

  • Change the brake fluid at least every 18 months.

  • Do not use any brake fluid, but the one recommended by your car brand.

  • Check the brake fluid level for leaks.

  • If the pedals are hard, it is an indicator that the brakes are failing.

  • The great importance of the brake system and its maintenance

It is one of the most gravitational components of a vehicle

However, many are unaware of the relevance of the maintenance factor in this item. To begin, you must understand that the braking mechanism is composed of friction. However, it is possible to extend the durability of this system, using the following tips.

  • Do not delay braking

Delay braking means that you anticipate braking. Both in front of curves and traffic lights, among others. The longer it takes to perform this action, the more intense or strong it will be. That translates into greater friction or friction.

It is advisable that in front of, for example, a traffic light, gently release the accelerator. And thus avoid having to do sharply and sharply.

  • Eye with extensive descents

In case of situations of very prolonged and pronounced descents. In this particular case, what should be avoided is to gain speed. For this, apply the brakes very smoothly from the beginning of the descent. With the aim of not reaching great speed. And so it will not be necessary to brake with such power.

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