Movie Recommendations For This Weekend: ‘From Here To Eternity’ And ‘The Apartment’

Every week, I recommend a show for you to binge over the weekend. I’m here to help you enjoy your weekend while keeping you for having to head out into the world. For that, I say you’re welcome. However, because the Oscars are nigh, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead, I am going to recommend a couple of Oscar-winning movies for you. Why not keep things movie related? Yes, that’s what I’m doing. It’s not because I’m running out of shows to recommend binge watching.

I’m going to skip recommending any of the obvious, classic winners, like Casablanca or Titanic. I’m also not going to recommend anything too recent. I liked The Shape of Water, but that’s a fresh win. I also won’t recommend Crash, because it’s pure garbage. These are known films, of course, but you may have missed them. Maybe this weekend is when you amend that.

First up is 1953’s From Here to Eternity. War films have been winning Oscars since the beginning. I mean that literally, as the war movie Wings won the first-ever Best Picture Oscar. Well, they called it something different then, but I digress. From Here to Eternity is famous for one thing, and that’s the shot of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing on the beach as waves crash into them. However, it’s Frank Sinatra, yes that Frank Sinatra, and Donna Reed who won Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. The movie is about soldiers, and some others, living in Hawaii in early 1940. As such, you can maybe guess where things culminate. It’s a really good film, and I feel like it largely holds up. The acting is definitely really strong all around, though the ostensible lead Montgomery Clift gets overshadowed a bit.

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Then, follow that up with 1960’s The Apartment, the rare comedy to win Best Picture. While it’s a comedy, it does also get quite dark. Jack Lemmon stars as a socially and professionally striving schlub who allows his bosses to use his apartment for extramarital trysts to curry favor. Then, he meets Shirley MacLaine who plays the elevator operator in his building. He falls for her, but she also happens to be the man with whom his boss is having an affair.

Lemmon and MacLaine are both great in this movie. It’s funny, but it’s also serious at times. It gets dark and deals with serious stuff. However, it doesn’t feel like the tone shifts wildly. Billy Wilder was a great director, and he knew how to handle his business.

So there you have it. Watch From Here to Eternity. Watch The Apartment. Enjoy a couple of Best Picture winners. It’s not TV, but this is Oscar season. Watch some movies!

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