How have you been?

Alex: Great! Still on the high of the new single.

Charlie: Thanks for having us!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Porcelain Tiger”?

Alex: Porcelain Tiger is a chill pop track that diverts from the usual pop formula in-terms of how the music moves, almost like a slow burn. It’s a build rather than hitting you in the face from the jump.

Charlie: Yeah, we wanted to design it like the calm before the storm juxtaposed with the punch of emotion you feel when you’re recovering from or living with someone who has experienced trauma. Some days are totally chill, others are intense.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Alex: Well for all that don’t know that we used to date for a number of years. Charlie had plenty of noisy stimuli to work off of almost 24/7.

Charlie: We were about 4 years into a relationship and just started fighting constantly. I didn’t know why my actions angered him so much. It was one night when we weren’t speaking to each other after a fight that I realized he was reacting out of self-protection. He was abused by someone he trusted when he was younger and he felt like everyone he cared about had swept it under the rug. It left him with some pretty deep wounds. Once that dawned on me I just started writing. All the words and chords came out almost immediately.

What made you want to touch on themes like trauma?

Charlie: Other than it being very personal to us at the time, I think we all have a tendency to bottle things up and don’t realize how much we’re affected by the events of our past. I was only aware of what Alex might be feeling because I had dated someone else who had suffered abuse prior. I wrote this song because I wanted to let anyone who had been through a traumatic experience know that they weren’t broken – they are fierce and strong, and while they might feel like they could shatter at any moment, they hold more power than they think.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Charlie: Is there a word for amazing and stressful at the same time? Because it was absolutely that. We got to film at this gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn, dabble in some acting, and bust out some dance moves (not my strong suit). There were some things we had to change last second though – a couple story elements we wanted to use didn’t translate well on camera, but overall we’re really happy with how it turned out.

Alex: I totally agree. The process was a little more nerve-racking than I had anticipated but I loved being able to get creative on set. My favorite scene to shoot was with the ropes, which added a bit of edge to contrast the dancing parts.

How was the recording and writing process?

Charlie: Writing it took about an hour, but then we ended up sitting on it for about two years before we hit the studio. In addition to going through a break up with each other, we were also crafting our sound. Even in the studio, we kept changing things because I wanted to add more synths or change the samples. We recorded almost all of Alex’s vocals at least twice.

Alex: It was a tad stressful as opposed to filming especially with making sure we didn’t take too much time, but it was pretty rewarding once the mix was more settled. The ending climax kinda gave me the relief I was looking for.

What role does NYC play in your music?

Alex: New York is full of so many interesting stories all colliding with each other at the same time and you really have to keep your eyes peeled to make sure you don’t miss who’s walking into a room or who might even be running the whole room. The pressure definitely plays a role in how we steer the ship so to speak.

Charlie: This city also has a certain sound to it, even when you’re just walking down the street. Even though we met here, moving back has definitely had a lot of influence on the production this time around vs when we recorded our first EP in Florida. Something about the cold lends itself to that more metallic, crystalline sound.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?

Alex: Yes for sure, we have two more singles to be released in the next two months. One is a little more on the chill side with some sultry sax vibes and the other is a feel good jam to get you craving those summer vibes again.

Charlie: Lyrically they are kind of a continuation of the story in Porcelain Tiger, exploring moving on, healing, and how opening up to strangers can actually be a good thing.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Alex: Where Did the Love Go will be out on Valentine’s Day, February 14th of this year on all music streaming platforms. Hopefully everyone else finds as much humor in releasing it on V-day as we did.

Any plans to hit the road?

Charlie: We’ve been meaning to revisit New England and southern Florida since we both have a lot of ties there musically. We’ll most likely make some solid plans after these releases. Honestly we would love to go anywhere that would have us.

What else is happening next in SYNTEXT’s world?

Charlie: We’re crafting a lot of new songs as we speak, with the intention of releasing them at the end of the year. You might get to hear some of them if you come to one of our shows this spring or summer.


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