How Top Online Retailers Use Social Media To Boost Sales And Traffic

Most online stores use social networks. By supporting activity on social resources, they increase audience reach, attract traffic, and try to stimulate sales.

According to researchers, social networks generate sales in online stores. However, this is not the main advantage of network platforms for online projects. The ecommerce marketing agency also found that Facebook remains the most suitable social resource for marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of online shopping through social networks, and how do they do it?

  • Leading online retailers boost social media revenue

The study confirmed that social networks generate sales in online stores. However, the activity of large online stores in social networks is switching from sales promotion to enabling users to find new products and study-related information.

The share of social traffic to online shopping sites remains low. However, users have become much more likely to use social networks to obtain important product information. Customers of large online stores have learned to walk a significant part of the consumer journey using social platforms. Using these online retailers increased the rate of income per visitor by an average of 10-15%. They also almost doubled the average length of stay of customers on the website of the online store.

  • Retailers do not consider social networks as an important source of traffic

The leading online stores of the world receive traffic from Facebook and other social networks. However, they pay for this traffic, since the number of natural transitions is too small. In particular, top retailers are actively posting ads on Facebook.

The share of traffic from Twitter and Instagram remains insignificant. Only

  • Social networks integrated with online shopping sites

Most online retailers use social sharing buttons on the site. The Pin it button is the most popular – it was installed by 62% of online store sites. Second and third places are occupied by Tweet and Like.

Despite the popularity of the Pin it button, consumers are more likely to share product information using Facebook.

Pay attention to the function of social authorization. It remains not popular enough among all online stores. However, leading retailers are actively using this element of social integration.

  • Facebook notes are the best way to get product information.

Customers of online stores consider Facebook friend posts to be the best source of product information on social networks. At the same time, photos on Instagram and posts on Twitter remain the least convenient channels for obtaining relevant information. Social networks are inferior in information efficiency to retailer sites and email newsletters.

  • Retailers consider Facebook, the best sales driver

Online retailers consider the largest network in the world the best social sales driver. It’s not about conversions on Facebook. The vast majority of transactions occur when a user lands on the website of an online store with Facebook. In turn, such transitions are most often generated by advertisements.

What social functionality do retailers use

Leading retailers use social functionality to search for products and learn about them. According to the managers of online stores, the best results are provided by the integration of social functions in the buying process. For example, user rewards for product ratings, reviews, or other user-generated content directly drive sales.

Many users avoid social authorization or are in no hurry to evaluate products, as they do not receive substantial bonuses in return.

  • Retailers plan to make sites more social

Online store managers recognize the usefulness of social features. Moreover, most retailers plan to redesign the site. The vast majority of retailers associate these plans with the need to implement social functions.

How to use social networks to squeeze Amazon and Walmart

The largest online retailers in the world view social networks as a sales generator. However, this is not about instant conversions on Facebook or Pinterest. Online stores use online resources to provide consumers with information about products and their experiences.

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