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The Top 5 Environment-Themed YouTube Channels You Need to Follow

Our Earth is dying due to over-exploitation and pollution. There is a need to act fast, but where can we find sources we can trust? The Internet is vast, but not all sources can be trusted.

Given below is a list of YouTube channels that provide information and discuss various topics related to the environment.

  • UN Environment Program

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) channel posts informative videos about different environmental crises, the steps that are being taken to avoid and stop them, and the different partnerships that help care for nature. 

Founded in 2009, the channel has over 35k subscribers till now. They vow to work for the betterment of our living conditions so that the future generations can live and thrive here with no worries. They provide statistical information regarding various environmental discourses and visualizes the possibilities of what could happen soon.

  • Grist

Grist is a YouTube channel that discusses different climate change phenomena and topics regarding the views and opinions of people on them on a political base. They provide a unique presentation with wry commentary laced with humor and sarcasm, giving a lighter tone to the videos. At the same time, they offer crucial information about our planet’s future nonetheless. 

The channel has been active since June 2008, and since then have made critical commentary on the actions and motions passed regarding the protection of our environment. They also bring forth different protests led by the people against the exploitation of natural resources by corporates or the government themselves. As of now, they have 19.4k subscribers.

  • Environment Agency TV

Environment Agency TV is the official channel of the Environmental Agency based in England. The agency works in partnership with other agencies and non-profit organizations to do well for nature. 

They use the YouTube channel to post footage of them working with their partners and teams in their projects. These include vlogs, statistics, and infotainment videos on their channel. The goal is to inspire the young generation to come forth and join hands in a venture to help the planet. The channel has been running since September 2009, currently boasting a total of 3.77k subscribers.

  • Mongobay

The Mongobay channel started in June 2016 offering accurate information and discussion about the causes and results of harms caused to different green zones, specifically rainforests. 

Mongobay focuses on the conservation of wildlife and aspire to educate viewers about the shortcomings of temporary sustainability. Mongobay aims to enable new leaders from among the youth that can play a vital role in the movement for nature conservation. 

Their accurate presentation cuts deeper into the issue of over-exploitation of non-renewable resources while promoting sustainable development. Through several years of active content uploads, they have amassed over 1.67k subscribers from all over the world.

  • Living with Climate Change

Living with Climate Change addresses the psychological effects that climate change has had on the general populace. They discuss less-known topics like ecological depression and eco-anxiety, which is rooted in the imminent fear about the future of our lives. 

The channel also has videos that deal with controversies regarding climate change, environmental science, possibilities of sustainable development. The team joined the YouTube community in January 2019 and upload quality segments that keep up with policies and reports regarding nature and natural resources, interviews with experts, and news about NGOs that are working for environmental causes. 

Honorary Mentions

While we talked about the top five environment-themed YouTube channels, here are some you might want to take a look at.

  • Department for Environment and Water: based in South Australia, this channel uploads contents regarding their work on issues of climate change and nature conservation.
  • European Environment Agency: The channel that broadcasts environment-related information. They are a legitimate source and a part of the EEA.
  • Conservation International: A channel that works to empower societies across the world to move in line with the conservation of nature and wildlife. It provides scientific explanations and field demonstrations for their movements.

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