New Year: New Storage Needs

Read about how to create the extra space you need for the achievements and goals the year ahead may bring.

The New Year is a fresh start for many of us, bringing all kinds of goals and achievements that can often require extra space. If you have felt like putting off various areas of growth in life because of a lack of storage space, you need to know that there are options available for you. Take a look at three goals, how they can demand space, and most importantly, our ideas to help you create the space you need to achieve those goals:

  1. Weight Loss/ Getting Healthy

Getting healthy can be an amazing new goal for the new year, giving you a better quality of life and a better physical and mental state for day to day living. Often we can be put off getting healthy because gym memberships cost a ton of money. Alternatively we can get the equipment in the home such as a bike, weights, squat rack or other equipment which is cheaper but it takes up more space.

We can’t motivate you to get healthy, or get you the money for a gym pass, but if you plan to get the equipment to form your own healthy regime, we do have some suggestions:

  • Convert your garage into a home gym
  • Look into wall mounted bike racks
  • Consider sports that don’t require equipment, like running
  • Consider a cheap self storage unit near to your home on your exercise route
  1. Starting A Business

Starting a business is a huge goal, but it often requires space before you can afford an office or a warehouse for business storage. Of course initially you may just need your laptop, but even then it makes sense to have a dedicated office space, even if it is just a quiet corner of the kitchen

If you can dedicate a room to being an office though, that is a really great idea. You may also want some space to store stock, but it is important to ensure that space is dry, not too hot or cold and secure, to protect your assets. Cheap self storage can be an affordable option for startups who require a secure space to store stock.

  1. Moving House

If you have been saving to own a house for a long time, or you’ve been looking to move house and this is your year to do it, you’re going to need some storage. Storage comes in handy to ease the pressure on moving day, to store items whilst you renovate, or to store items you can’t fit in your new home because you have downsized or plan to sell them at a later date. Cheap self storage from can be really handy when you move house because it provides a neutral space to use that is separate from your old and new house.

If that doesn’t seem viable for you, you might want to ask a relative about borrowing a bit of space for your things, to make life a little easier for you.

Hopefully these three pointers have helped you think a little differently about the goals you have this year. There is always a solution, and a lack of storage is definitely not a reason to avoid smashing the achievements you want to make.

With a little creative thinking you can achieve great things this year!

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