How to prepare for a road trip

Road trips are a classic adventure. Driving your car across sweeping plains is one of the greatest experiences one can have and preparation is key. Before you hit the road, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your journey.

Car Service

A month before you set off for your road trip. Make a booking to service your car. Your car will require thorough checking and to allow time for all the necessary repairs, it would be more ideal to schedule the car service beforehand. Often car service shops and technicians get very busy as the holiday season approaches so if you are planning to have your road trip around this time, this is something you should not overlook.


Depending on your road trip destination, you may find yourself out of reach of some of your favorite radio stations so download lots of music onto your devices, perhaps even make playlists. If you are going to have kids along, consider their needs too. Movies would offer a few hours of distraction for those in the back seat. There are also a variety of podcasts that can keep you alert and entertained.

Plan routes

You could get in your car and just drive, go where ever the wind takes you. But of course, planning in advance is crucial for a satisfying and delightful road trip. Route planning is essential because it enables you to book ahead and plan all your stops.


You will need a GPS, if you do not already have one, buy one or download an app.

Plan stops

On long drives, it is recommended to stop every two hours so planning your stops beforehand is essential. It will enable you to schedule your stops strategically, in places where you can get refreshments, food, ease yourself and so on. Additionally, in case you start feeling drowsy on your road trip, you should pull over immediately and take a rest. You could also go further and walk around for fresh year.

Book ahead

To stay flexible, you could book accommodation ahead, depending on where and when you want to stop. This will help keep things organized especially if you are going to be journeying in peak seasons such as holidays.

Basic requirements

Whether it is a rest stop or lunch break, there are a couple of things you will need every time you stop. So it is important to keep them near. These include; wet wipes, a water bottle, insect repellent, basic first aid kit, sunblock, and perhaps a hat. If you are going to stop by a beach, a towel and bathers should be easily accessible too.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your water bottle close. It is easy to forget to stay hydrated, especially if you are behind the wheel. But taking your fluids is something you should keep on your mind. It will help keep you refreshed and alert.


Pack appropriately and efficiently. Also, make use of the crannies and nooks in your car to store items. Plus, make use of roof top cargo bags. They will help maximize the luggage and gear you can carry.

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