How to Have a Lush Green Lawn in the Hot Summer Days

Since the winter season is at its peak in most parts of the US these days, the turfs of the lawns of a big percent of the houses have gone dull and there is nothing but the inches of snow to be seen everywhere. We all know that the people of America are crazy about their lawns and they do spend a good wealth on lawn care each year as well. however, if they try to keep themselves prepared, earlier than the start of the hot weather, they can easily get the lush green lawns even in the heated weather.

However, the effort has to be made from the start of the season in order to get the lawn of your dreams. As soon as the snow melts, you must start working for the betterment of your lawn and start preparing it for the hot weather. 

Things to keep in mind for better summer lawns

Before we start, here are a few things to consider and should be kept in mind while you are working on the betterment of your lawn.

  • It is all natural that the grass of your lawn would turn brown once the heat strikes the area.

  • The brown grass is just a natural process that is called dormant grass and if proper measures are taken in these days, the grass would turn lush green just in no time.

  • If you are not well aware of all the things that are happening in your lawn, and the care and maintenance of your lawn is something difficult for you, then you can hire the services of the expert professionals in this field and get the job done. Services like lawn service cedar park are the best to consider when considering the local lawn care services providers. 

  • The dormant grass is the natural hibernation process of your lawn where it goes silent for preserving its energy in the hot season and later, when the moisture and the temperature condition become better, it gets back to its original shape.

Once you have beautifully manicured lawn, don’t forget to trim and shape your hedges for the perfect finishing touch. You can do this with ease using a cordless hedge trimmer.

Tips to keep your lawn lush green in summer

Here we have gathered the best tips that would help you get a lush green lawn in the hot summer days. 

  • Mow high for stronger roots

The stronger the roots of your grass are, the healthier would it be. So mow high when mowing the lawn in summer season such that the grass blades are around 3 inches tall and the roots are in the shades of the blades. This will keep the blades cooler in the summer heat.

  • Deep watering consistently

Shallow watering of the grass every other day is not recommended at all for the lush green lawns in the summer. The best practice is to water your lawn deeply and around one to two times a week. It will keep the lawn lush green all the way long, throughout the year and follow this practice around the year as well.

  • Let the lawn get dry

This is something very important to understand. We feel that the more the water is standing in the lawn, the better it is for its health. However, the fungal diseases might start spreading due to always moist lawn. The best thing to do is to let the lawn get dry and the perfect tip for it is to water your lawn early in the morning, around 5 am, so that the lawn gets the sufficient amount of time to get dried. You can program your irrigation system to do so.

  • Keep the lawn mower well maintained

It is also important that you take good care of your lawn mower, so that it is up to the mark for the better mowing and clipping of the grass. You will need to oil the blades, clean the mower and provide good maintenance for it. The landscaping services providers can also do this for you. If the cutters of the mower are not well maintained, they are going to destroy the grass. So never ignore regular maintenance of your mower.

  • Fertilize your lawn regularly

Fertilizer is like the food of your lawn and you have to apply it every now and then to fulfill the nutrition demands of the lawn. Applying a fertilizer every 6 weeks is the best recommended practice for the lush green lawns in the summer. Now, picking the right fertilizer is another vast topic and you have to thoroughly search the best one for your lawn before selecting. 

These are the five basic tips that would help you get a lush green lawn in the summer season. Other than these, you can always hire the professional landscaping experts to help revive your lawn from its hibernation phase. 

Benefits of hiring the professionals for the landscaping services

Here we are briefly going to describe the benefits of hiring the professional landscapers for the revival and for the betterment of your lawn. 

  • When we talk about the professionals, it’s not just picking the weeds from the lawn. These people are trained and educated in their field and they know exactly what your lawn needs to have at this time. So you can hire them without worries.

  • Once you let the professionals do their job, you will find that they can get really creative with your lawn and can bring such a beautiful lawn for you that you always dreamt of.

  • While the professionals do their job and take good care of your lawn, you can enjoy some extra time with self or family as well.

  • There are so many services that the landscaping companies offer, that getting a complete package would help you more than you have ever anticipated. They can provide you with the lawn supplies, can give you good advice and can practically do everything that would beautify your lawn. 

So pick your phone up now, and get your lawn service booked at the best local lawn service company. 

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