Choosing Your Perfect Antivirus Software: Things to Remember

The beginning of a new year is an excellent way to get into the habit of making smart purchases. There are many blog posts, reviews that tell about the advantages of one or another antimalware program.

A well-structured article such as, for instance, Avast Ultimate review provides with all essential information, while other reviews are not that informative. For that reason, note the factors that will help you to detect your perfect software.

SSL Protocol Practice

The use of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol by Netscape company has become a standard within recent years. The Wildcard SSL technology allows you to encrypt all the transferred data so that no one will read this information. The SSL inspection works as a reliable connection between your browser and a Web server so that you can be sure the sensitive data transfer is secure.

Layered Protection

Searching for the antivirus software this year, consider layered protection function. Sure, real-time protection is crucial. However, it is often not enough for online safety today. The point is that malware becomes more exquisite with every year, and simple scanning cannot ensure your device’s security. Therefore, you will need to have antivirus software with several protective layers.

Behavior Blocker

Talking about behavior blockers, these are critical when dealing with the zero-day attacks as simple signature scanners can detect well-known threats. In such a way, the behavior blockers seem to be essential today as new viruses, malware appear every day, causing unimaginable damage. Thus, it is no wonder that antivirus providers tend to create a product that already has a behavior blocking feature.


One of the most critical things to consider before purchasing an antivirus program suite is privacy. There are so many excellent antivirus providers today. However, some of these are not very reliable in terms of privacy. Individual vendors can collect personal user data or information about your computer activity so that they know how to create a product that will match your preferences. Make sure you can trust the chosen providers: it is your primary task to see for yourself that your antivirus software use responsibly and securely the collected data.

Usability of the Software

Usability is another essential factor that influences the level of your satisfaction. Imagine that you find a perfect antivirus program: it has several layers of protection, many features, behavior blocker, etc. however, there is one “but” – the interface is drastic. It is hard to navigate the program. If the design is not so critical, the program’s usability may either affect or improve the general impression of the antivirus. Besides, keep in mind that a poor interface might be the reason why you do not try out all the advantages of the software simply because you have no idea how you can do this.

The Cost

If you want an excellent protective tool, get ready to pay for it. The Internet has got so many free variants of antimalware programs that it seems you can find something worth trying for yourself. The truth is that you will only waste your time and, what is worse, may expose your deviсe to danger. Note that everything free has got some hidden pitfalls.

First and foremost, the majority of free software includes numerous in-app adverts that aim at collecting your personal information. In such a way, you pay for your antivirus anyway, however, with your privacy and not money. As they say, a cheapskate pays twice.

Free Trial

Most of the users tend to learn as much as possible about the product or service before the purchase. Reviews can be beneficial in this case. However, let us be honest with ourselves – it is always better to see for yourself. Many antivirus software providers offer a free trial option. As a user, you can test the software yourself and understand whether it is something you need, or you should continue the searches. It is better to start with the free trial for two reasons: first, you need to “feel the program, experience its interface; secondly, you save your money in case if the chosen antivirus does not suit your needs.

Customer Support Service

People tend to underestimate the quality of the Support Team first. However, it would help if you spent more time searching for more information regarding the performance of the Customer Support managers of a specific company. The point is that the better Support works, the better the company treats the users. Look through both positive and negative feedback; you may also call/write an email yourself.

All in all, you will find it much easier to choose an antivirus using the characteristics above. Think about testing a free version first, as this strategy gives several benefits. Remember that a high price is not necessarily a high quality; at the same time, do not be too stingy when buying a program that will protect your data.

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