Tips by the toppers to solve cbse previous year question papers class 10

CBSE class 10 exam is the most important exam of students’ life and it is like the gateway to your successful career. So, if you are approaching for class 10 CBSE exam then it’s quite natural for the students to get nervous for the last minute preparation. Now, it is high time to move forward with your goal of achieving a good score in the exam by following the strategies of the CBSE toppers of the last years. So, if you also want to be one of the toppers then you must follow their guidance properly. Here is the list of strategies taken by the toppers to show how to skyrocket your board exam score.

Self-study is important

Hard work, dedication and smart planning are always proved to be fruitful for achieving a good result in any exam. You can also ace in the board exam if you are following the same. Most of you don’t go through the whole chapter properly, so you fail to answer all the questions. Most of you don’t have clear concepts about the chapters, formulas due to the lack of proper study. So, as per the suggestion of the toppers self-study is very important for the exam. It may sound weird to you but you should study the whole book like an interesting novel so that you can have better clear concepts about all the chapters. The thorough study helps you in remembering each single detail information related to the chapters and thus help you to score a good rank.

Solve all the exercise and example

Every chapter is followed by many exercises and examples. Sometimes, the students only practice a few exercises and leave the examples. However, it is completely wrong for the students to do the same. Irrespective of whatever notes you will get in your school, you must solve all the examples, exercise to enhance your skill set.

Always try to defeat yourself

It is the most important thing while you are going to appear in CBSE class 10. So, you always need to keep in mind that you need to compete with yourself and every time you must try to do better from the previous performance. It’s all about your past performance and the present performance as it helps you to judge the level of your improvement. So, it’s essential for you to keep defeating your previous performance and it ensures your good marks in the cbse class 10 exams.

Clear all your doubts

Generally, while you are practising for approaching in class 10 board exams then it’s quite obvious that you face many problems. If you have any doubts, queries in your mind about your studies then don’t forget to share it with the teachers. You should write all the queries, doubts separately and clear them from your teachers so that it will not hamper on your marks.

Be aware of your weak sides

Every individual has some weak sides as well as positive sides, so the students need to pay more focus on the weaker sides. Most of the students neglect their weak sides and sometimes, fail to determine their weak points. The proper evaluation of your performance can help you to point out the weak sides of yours.

Have you ever thought about how to deal with your weak sides? Have you set any plan to make your weak side even stronger? If not, then go for a close examination of your class tests, previous answer papers so that you can easily find out your mistakes. The most effective way is to make a list of your errors and try not to repeat the same. Thus, you can easily rectify yourself and get ready to be the topper of the coming year.

For better preparation on vedantu cbse previous year question papers class 10, you may follow the guidelines, crash courses provided by various e-learning platforms. Always remember that you will not self-assessment is equally important for you. It is not that you must follow these same strategies to get a good score in the class 10 exam. You can also set your own strategies to overcome the fear of the board exam. You have to follow the self-help method for the betterment as no one can help you the best like you can do it for yourself. So, get relaxed, leave all your worries behind and only focus on your exam.

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