The Different Types of Coloured Contact Lenses & Their Safety Guide

Coloured contact lenses are a certain fashion and medical device that have gained quite a lot of popularity over time. They have been around for years now, but in this time, they have become quite the fashion necessity.

The best thing about theses lenses is that you can enhance or change your eye colour naturally. This makes them the hottest product around. However, due to this reason people are throwing caution into the wind. Cosplay coloured contact lenses are becoming so popular especially during Halloween, comic cons and fashion events. These fashion lenses come in all types of colours from blue to red.

Remember when I mentioned that coloured contact lenses are medical devices? Well, that is exactly why you need to use them with the right instructions. But before that, we should know how many types.

Different types of coloured contact lenses

With different coloured tints on coloured lenses, it allows the user to enhance or change the eye colour as they wish. But that is not the only secret to coloured lenses.

Below are different types of coloured lenses

Plano Coloured lenses – used for fashion and lifestyle purposes. These are truly a lovely fashion accessory.

Prescription Coloured Lenses – Then coloured contact lenses can also be used as vision correctors. People who would like to stay with the fashion trends and have a correct vision, can use prescription coloured lenses.

Among these two we have other types of contact lenses. These are the types of tints that are used on coloured contact lenses

Opaque tints- We have the opaque coloured tints. These are solid tints and cover the eyes completely. With them you can change the colour of your eyes to the colour of the lenses. And as they are very similar to your iris in terms of patterns, lines and colour shades, the appearance looks very natural.

Enhancement tints- Second, we have the enhancement tints. These are also called translucent tints as they cover the eyes but only partially. Their translucent nature allows some of the eye colour to be visible. When it comes to that you have to choose the right colour so that your eyes and the lenses can blend in and give a great new colour.

Visibility tints- Last of the coloured tints are the visibility tints who have a very faint colour. This is so that the lens can be found if dropped.

After the tints we have the different types of disposable lenses,

Daily disposable coloured contacts – First of them are the daily disposable. These lenses can be used only once. You use them and then discard them away. The next time you use a fresh new pair.

Weekly Disposable coloured contacts – Second, there are the weekly disposable. Like it suggests, their life is as long as a week. But, you are required to maintain and clean them after every use.

Monthly disposable coloured contacts – They are very similar to the weekly disposable; the difference is that they can last for a whole month.

Extended coloured lenses – At the end we have the extended coloured lenses. These lenses are used for longer periods like 3-6 months. You can wear them continuously for 30 days. You are still required to clean them and maintain hygiene.

Health & Safety and Coloured Contact Lenses

Also, you should know about certain safety rules and health guidelines to use coloured contact lenses. If you remember, it was mentioned above that they are medical devices.

Research before purchase

Before you purchase a pair, you must research the market properly. Look for good online stores and brands. Only buy quality products and nothing else. Do not go out looking for cheap products. You are going to wear them on your eyes, you cannot risk compromising on the quality.

Keep them cleaned

Keep your hands cleaned before touching them. Also, keep your lenses clean after every use.

Never share your coloured lenses

No matter how much you want to show off your coloured contacts, never share them with anyone. Sharing of coloured contacts is dangerous for your eye health it often results in transmission of eye diseases from one person to another.

Take off your coloured lenses before sleeping

Coloured lenses must be taken off before you go to sleep. It is not healthy for your eyes to sleep while wearing your lenses, except in the case of extended coloured lenses as they are designed to be worn continuously for 30 days or more. But the rest must be used very carefully.

Never wear them beyond their expiry

If your coloured lenses are expired, then just throw them away. You can always buy a new pair. Do not compromise on your eye’s health.

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