How to Repurpose Leftover Christmas Decorations

Most people go into a home décor frenzy around the holidays. You don’t want your house or apartment to look like it always does. You’re trying get into the holiday spirit so you set everything up to give off a festive vibe.

But now that Christmas is over you might be wondering what you to do with all the leftover decorations, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to buy new things every year. Maybe you made some of them yourself or with your family and you’re not quite ready to put them away.

Well worry no more because we’re here to help you with some ideas. 

Year-Round Ornaments for Your Fireplace Mantel

You can use some of your Christmas bulbs to create an elegant DIY decoration for your mantelpiece. You’ll need a milk glass vase which you fill with air dry clay. In the center you place a dowel made out of wood, metal or plastic. For durability we would recommend the metal ones, but the wooden ones are cheaper, easier to find and they work just fine. It should be about 12 inches long (or 30 cm). You wait for the clay to harden and then you place a polystyrene foam ball on top. The ball should have a diameter of 5 inches (or 12.7 cm). 

Next step is you glue the Christmas bulbs on the polystyrene ball. They should be in different sizes so there’s no part of the ball showing through and don’t pick colors that are too Christmassy. Blue and silver is a nice combination. You wrap the dowel in some blue ribbon and make a bow at the bottom of the ball. We imagine you bought discount ribbon in bulk to wrap the presents so you’re bound to have some left over. To finish, you put some marbles on top of the clay to hide it and make everything look extra fancy, and that’s it! You finished!

Dining Table Décor

This is another idea on how to repurpose some of your Christmas bulbs. We used green ones and you’ll see why.  

You’ll need some mirrored discs which you can easily get either in crafts supply stores or from online retailers. You remove the hangers from the Christmas bulbs, glue them on top of the discs and inside you stick some small artificial flowers. Try to make a little bouquet out of them. 

That’s pretty much it. 

Make a Picture out of Tinsel Garland

This is a really easy one. Some of the tinsel garlands tend to get a bit shabby looking over the years so you probably have a few of them that aren’t looking exactly top notch anymore. Then this idea is perfect for you. 

You’ll need a deep frame which you can buy online or in a furniture store. We picked a white one and we used a white paint pen to write one of those inspirational messages on the glass. The side that goes inside. You can write whatever you like but it’s better to keep it short so you can fit it on the glass in larger letters. Here are a few ideas you can use.  

Once the white paint has dried you can place the tinsel garland inside the frame and fix the glass back over it. You can either hang it on the wall or place it on your bookshelf. 

Make Your Own Confetti for Parties

Another way of repurposing the tinsel garlands that have seen better days is to cut them up on store them to use as confetti. If you feel that it would take too much time (it’s actually quite quick) you can put some of the leftover wrapping paper through a shredder and that’s it. 

The paper confetti works great for packing more delicate items, such as the decorations you want to use next year. 

Romantic Candlelight

You can use some of the smaller baubles to make an extravagant looking candle stand. For this little project you’ll need two large wine glasses, tea lights, tea light inserts which you can attach to the top of the glasses, fake snow powder and the small glass baubles. The baubles can be transparent or silver but it’s better to use red so it goes better with the romantic theme. Just don’t use anything flammable. We imagine that’s not the kind of fire you want from the evening. 

You wash and dry the glasses and add a little bit of the fake snow at the bottom. Now you place the glass baubles over it and add some more on top. Then you just have to put the inserts over the glass, you can bend the hanging wires to fit perfectly and you add the tealights. Enjoy your night of passion!

Go Scandinavian!

Since winter isn’t yet over you can still keep the theme with this next idea. It’s a variation of the one above. This time you want to place the glass top down on the decorative part and put a candle on the bottom which is now the top. Still following? 

You’ll want to put some fake snow on a tray, in it you stick some artificial Christmas tree branches and some small pine cones. You put the glass over all this and on the bottom of the leg you place a candle. 

Wine Bottles and Branches Go Really Well Together

The last idea works really well if you want an easy and inexpensive decoration to put in the corner of the room. You’ll need a wine bottle first. You probably have lots of empty ones for now. If not, empty another one for the sake of arts and crafts

You can stick a pattern or figure on it and spray paint over it. We used gold but you can go with whatever you like. Then you remove the figure you stuck on it. Inside you place some branches that you’ve also spray painted to go with the rest and stick some of the Christmas bulbs to the branches. Just remember to… you guessed it… spray paint them. 

You want a harmonious color palette like pastel pink/blue/purple or black/red/orange. We went with gold and orange hues. 

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