Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Within the world of gastronomy, mushrooms can give our dishes a special touch. They are a low-calorie food, with great properties and benefits that improve our health almost instantly. Among the benefits that we highlight most are that they are good to help you breathe better, regenerate joint damage, manage to treat infections among many others.

When you think of mushrooms, you probably imagine fried portobellos, a creamy soup or other ways of cooking with the abundant and earthy ingredient. But there are many other types of fungi in the world that have surprising health benefits, and only need to be submerged in some hot water to activate.Although they have become fashionable in recent years, functional fungi, also known as those that support health and well-being in general, have been used medicinally for centuries.

One of the most popular functional mushrooms is, without a doubt, the Magic Mushrooms, an ancient adaptogen that plays an important role in Chinese healing traditions. Adaptogens are essentially plants and herbs that help our bodies “adapt” to stress by regulating our biological response to stress.

If you are looking to start using Magic Mushrooms in your daily routine, read on.Nutrition studies the composition of food, it has taken many years until scientific knowledge has been able to divide and this group of foods known as fungi. Until a few decades ago, no divisions were known or considered plants within the realm of nature.

Magic Mushrooms Benefits

Here we tell you it’s best benefits and what these small and rich foods are used for.

  1. They Fight for Cancer

  • Magic Mushrooms or Fungi have antitumor properties, although not all species have the same qualities. The variety of Ganoderma applanatum, is characterized by having this type of anti-cancer properties.

  • Trametes versicolor, can improve in women who had finished chemotherapy or radiotherapy because they can increase their defenses and also their immune system.

  • Finally, we emphasize that it has immunoregulatory, antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial and hepatoprotective properties.

  1. Good for the Health of your Eyes

  • Cantharellus fungus contains a number of essential amino acids, as well as provitamin A that make them healthy for our vision and skin.

  • It prevents us from having night blindness, inflammation of the eyes and dry skin. Chinese culture consumes this type of fungus a lot for these reasons.

  1. Joint Pains are Relieved

  • Magic Mushrooms or Fungi can fight joint ailment, especially if we accompany our meals with the variety of Ganoderma lucidum, which combined with other foods can improve pain.

  • They have analgesic effects and are usually safe and well tolerated by people, at the moment they have no anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. They Improve our Breathing

  • They improve the quality of mucous membranes and increase our resistance to some diseases that affect our respiratory tract.

  1. They Help Regenerate Bone Damage

  • Trametes versicolos, Grifola frondosa, Lentinus edodes and Pleurotus ostreatus are good for regenerating and improving the quality of our bones.

  • Extracts of these fungi can be treated as preventive and natural treatments on these pains.

  1. Avoid and Treat Infections

  • Antibiotics kill bacteria and harmful viruses that affect us in our day to day. However, abusing antibiotics is not beneficial because our body can become immune to them and have no effect.

  • Penicillium chrysogenum is removed from penicillin, one of the first effective antibiotics to treat and kill infections.

  1. Control Our Weight

  • If we substitute red meat for white mushrooms, we will help our body to lose weight. Fungi have a rich flavor, few calories and satiate a lot of appetite.

  1. Improves Nutrition

  • By consuming more fungi, we can increase our vitamin D levels through food.

  • In addition, this increases our immune system.

  1. Curiosities of Fungi

  • Fungi are not plants; however, they were classified as plants at first.

  • Over time they differentiated from plants by not having leaves, stems, flowers or doing photosynthesis. Therefore, from 1960 on, “the fungus kingdom” was created.

  • The yeast used for bread dough comes from a fungus.

  • Penicillin arises from a variety of fungus.

  • Some microscopic fungi.

  • Fungi live everywhere, in water, earth, air, soil, in other plants or in other animals.

Fungi can be consumed in a thousand ways, there are so many varieties that we could never get tired of them. As you have seen, they are very beneficial for the body, they can help us treat infections, improve breathing and prevent us from getting fat. Increase the intake of these mushrooms to improve your health gradually at each intake.

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