Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online And Get It Administered

The use of medical marijuana has been legalized in some states. There you can apply as a member of a collective or legal body made up of patients that are allowed to grow and share cannabis with one another. Once you sign up, you get the right to grow, as well as share your cannabis medicine.

The patient has to be at least 18 to obtain a medical cannabis card recommendation letter upon advice of his/her attending physician or DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine). When you receive your medical cannabis card, you will be free to decide on the collective you want to be part of.

Now you can get your medical marijuana card online in just few minutes. You will CA licensed physician recommendation. It will be medical marijuana recommendation letter having stamped seal and it will valid till one year.

There are different methods of administering medical marijuana to patients, such as:


This lets the patient measure the prescribed amount. It has an immediate effect since medication is quickly breathed into the lungs then absorbed into the bloodstream via the capillaries. When inhaled, the effect of cannabis can last for about four hours.


Medical cannabis can be smoked with a joint or cigarette (rolled by hand or machine), pipe or bong (water pipe). Some people believe that smoking medical marijuana using a joint is not that effective since the medication is dispersed together with the smoke while the cigarette is burning. However, smoking small amounts with a water pipe is better since the cool smoke is not too irritating to the airway.


Similar to a nebulizer treatment, medical cannabis, when heated to a certain temperature, will release medication in the form of vapors that are inhaled by the patient.

Sublingual (underneath the tongue)

This is made possible with the help of oils/tincture and delivered into the bloodstream, providing a quick effect. Tinctures can either be applied under the tongue via a dropper, or sprayed in the mouth in order to be absorbed in the oral cavity. This is ideal for patients who do not smoke.

Oral ingestion

Another way for non-smokers to take medical marijuana is by means of pills or mandibles, which are edible cannabis in tea form, brownies or cookies. This approach has a primary disadvantage, though. Since cannabinoids are fat-soluble, there may be problems in terms of absorption, depending on the metabolism of the patient. To address this problem, cannabis butter can be used to blend well with fat-soluble cannabinoids.

Topical application

Medical cannabis can come in the form of lotion, ointment or poultice, and applied to treat arthritis, inflammations and muscle pain. It is not clear on the way cannabinoids are taken in transdermal, even if the more soluble flavonoids and terpenoids should also get credit due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Always remember: see to it that your top priority is to source medicine from a medicinal-grade cannabis plant with no risk of chemical residues that could cause more harm in the long run.

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