The key features of a fully functional dental autoclave sterilizer

Selecting the right autoclave for your dental practice is an exciting and important decision. Your choice will affect how smoothly your practice operates and how much downtime your staff encounters. To help you in this process, we’ve identified the 4 questions you should consider when choosing a dental autoclave. Dental offices are often low on space, so tabletop dental autoclave sterilizer is a great way to sterilize a lot of instruments without taking up much room. To keep patients healthy and safe, dental offices sterilize dental instruments and lab equipment using an autoclave’s high temperature steam.

  1. Can be used to sterilize all loads including solids, type A hollow instruments, type B hollow instruments, porous loads and wrapped instruments.

  2. Sterilization program: Usually 4 kinds of programs – nude / cotton / package / plastic. Special function for killing the viruses of HIV (AIDS), HBV (hepatitis B), mad cow virus and Bacillus.

  3. Test procedures: Vacuum test, Helix test and B&D test

  4. Test program: Bowie & Dick test, Helix test, and Vacuum test

  5. Cleaning procedure: Pipeline cleaning

  6. Printer function: Printing sterilization process, various sterilization data and indicators.

  7. Built-in USB interface: Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the sterilizer. At the end of the process, the control system will transfer the detailed record of the sterilization data to the U disk. Now, you can view the sterilization data on the computer by the U disk.

  8. Sterilization data internal storage function

  9. Multi-language display function

  10. A proper indication of the level of water in the water tank and the wastewater tank along with an effective alarm function.

  11. Appointment sterilization function where the machine starts work according to the pre-set time.

  12. Standby function: If the power of the machine is turned on but the machine sits idle for a long time, it automatically enters the sleep state and the power supply stops.

  13. Auto-off: When the sterilization is finished, the auto-power-off function of the machine automatically shuts it down if not used again within some time.

  14. Water quality alarm function which indicates the quality of water.

  15. Mobile application docking operation and monitoring functions.

  16. Bluetooth barcode label printing function: The sterilizer performs bar code printing on the docking label printer through its own Bluetooth module. You just need to stick the barcode on the sterilized package. The doctor can trace the information on the disinfection of a certain person, a sterilizer, or a program according to the contents of the barcode.

  17. Automatic adding water when the water level is low.

As technology get improvement day by day, the autoclave becomes more and more humanized and the functions increase daily. So you need to know what exactly you need for your autoclave, then you can find out the most suitable one for your need.

Follow the above steps; I believe you can buy an autoclave that you are satisfied with, at the same time, to improve your work efficiency.

The need for proper dental sterilization has never been greater. Duraline Systems is committed to helping you protect your staff and patients from contamination through our sterilizers, repairs, parts and testing services. Contact us today for more information on our new and refurbished sterilizers today.

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