Causes and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Hormones

Many reasons could lead to low levels of the T hormone among men. Some of them are natural like age and disease while others are caused by lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise while in some people it is due to some form of treatment that they are undergoing such as radiation. Low testosterone has adverse effects on the normal functioning of the human body. Herein we dig deep into some of the common causes that lead to a decline in the production of this hormone as well as symptoms that indicate when one is low on it.

Other than the causes listed above, many others could lead to this condition. They are:

  • Injury

Sever trauma that interrupts the blood supply to the testes for an extended period will lead to low production of the testosterone hormone. Any form of harm to the gonads should be taken seriously, and medical intervention sought.

  • Infection of the gonads

Production of this hormone takes place in the testes. Any form of infection to this part leads to a significant decline in the level of it in the body.

  • Steroid abuse

Steroids are not harmful to the body when used under the instruction of an expert. Misuse of the same could lead to low levels of the testosterone hormone as it affects the normal functioning of the various body organs including the testes.

The list of factors that could lead to low production and levels of testosterone is long and cannot be exhausted herein, but those listed are among the major ones. To catch this condition early and rectify it, one must be aware of the telltale signs. They include but not limited to:

  • Low libido

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for promoting sexual characteristics including the drive to engage in the act. Disease; therefore, leads to a decline in the desire to copulate.

  • Erectile dysfunction

This is a condition where a man is not able to get an erection and keeps it steady through during the duration of a sexual encounter. This is among the many indications that point towards a deficiency in the testosterone hormone. Infertility is also an issue that will arise if the levels are not raised and maintained at the required standards.

  • Decreased muscular strength

Secondary sexual elements that manifest in men during puberty are caused by testosterone, including the growth of muscles. A reduction in the levels of this hormone directly affects muscle growth and strength. Consistent signs of fatigue should not be taken lightly and a doctor ought to be consulted on the matter.

  • Emotional fluctuations

Testosterone has multiple functions in a man’s body, including balancing their moods. A drop in the levels of this hormone leads to depression and lack of motivation.

All the signs listed above and others such as a change in sleeping patterns, insomnia, and increased body fat point towards a deficit of testosterone in a man’s body. If any of the above symptoms are observed in a person, a doctor’s appointment should be booked to establish the cause.

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