Building the Future: 5 Exciting Pieces of Green Technology That Could Change the World

Climate scientists have been categorical about global warning for years: the scientific community predicts that average U.S. temperatures could undergo a 10 degree Fahrenheit rise within the next 100 years.

The consequences could be dire.

We could witness increases in coastal flooding, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves. The human and economic costs would be devastating.

How to counteract this trend?

It’s called green technology, and the idea behind it is to think about the repercussions of what we do on the environment.

This article will present 5 exciting green technology examples that could change the world, so read on!

  1. Natural Gas

The world could see a greener future with natural gas.

Representing 23% of the market for the world’s most in-demand energy, natural gas is quickly gaining popularity.

It is hailed as the cleanest burning fossil fuel and displays a host of benefits for the environment, such as lower levels of emissions.

Furthermore, it benefits from being rather cheap, accessible domestically, and having a solid distribution grid.

  1. Living Buildings

Living buildings present us with a new way to live.

A living building produces its own energy, collects rainwater, absorbs heat, carbon dioxide, and as a rule is meant to be in harmony with the environment.

The idea is to reframe how we think about our homes. We don’t want to just take from nature, but to imitate the way it works by constantly renewing itself.

As such, living buildings aim to be self-sustainable and make the environment better.

  1. Vertical Farms

Just as it sounds, vertical farms use verticality to grow plants.

The advantage of this technique is that it produces greater yields on smaller surfaces.

It’s generally practiced using growing shelves that hang from walls. It’s so practical that it can allow farming in urban environments, for instance on roof tops or indoors.

  1. Wind Farms

What more natural resource than the wind?

Wind farms consist of clusters of windmills. Windmills are able to turn the energy of the wind into mechanical power. That power is then used to produce electricity.

Wind farms have many advantages. They are sustainable and cost-effective, not to mention that wind is a local source of energy and clean fuel source. Finally, windmills can be built on farms and lands that are already there.

  1. Solar Power

Solar power captures energy from the sun to convert it into electricity or heat.

It presents numerous advantages. For starters, the sun is a totally clean and sustainable energy source. It doesn’t produce any pollution so it won’t emit any greenhouse gases to damage the atmosphere.

It’ll also allow you to reduce your electricity bill and has very low maintenance costs.

Plus, with technology like solar tiles nowadays, no one will even notice you’re using energy from the sun!

  1. the Future With Green Technology

Now you are more familiar with green technology. Natural gas, living buildings, vertical farms, wind farms, and solar power are great examples of what technology can do to help us protect the environment.

But green technology doesn’t stop at those examples. It’s about changing our mindsets and the way we live to preserve high standards of living while taking care of our planet.

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