What are the best programming languages to learn in 2020

This could be said is a short guide for any budding developers wanting to finalise the best programming language to further their career path in 2020 and beyond and is based on the summary of my experience and the safest bets for you to learn when you think of things like salary, popularity of the language, and therefore the job openings available to it, its potential to become more in demand in the future, and ideally easy to learn and pleasant to work with.

Number one to consider is JavaScript – this is the most popular language according to Stack overflow’s survey of 2019 with over 63% of the people responding to them that they used it. It is without doubt the most dominant language on the Internet and its growth over the past 10 years has been huge. It was once said by the popular programmer Jeff Atwood of Stack overflow, that any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.

This means that there is no shortage of great job opportunities for experienced and skilled vs programmers.

Next, Swift, this is a relatively new language that was developed and released by Apple in 2014. It is for developing native iOS or Mac OS applications. It is considered a step change in usability when compared to Objective-C which was the old language used for Apple devices; this will also guarantee plenty of work due to the prevalence of Mac hardware and the fact that legacy support will be needed for years to come such as services provided by companies like SEO Leaders.

Python is great language which is heavily in use anywhere today. It is used by NASA and in some areas in Google. Google even employed the creator of Python, Guido Van Rossum for over eight years and he was writing code in Python for Google! Python is a neat, readable and well-structured language.

C++ ; C++ and C# . C++ is a very efficient and flexible language produced by Microsoft. It is in use by Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and even Adobe. For a developer of C++ this would usually involve desktop application development. It is quite a complex language but somebody who knows C++ can then code migrate to learning Java with relative ease. C# is a later update to C++.

Ruby is a very popular language. It is a high-level language which aims to achieve as much as possible with limited lines of clean readable computer code. In fact a well-written Ruby code snippet almost looks like plain English sentences! It is a very good first language to learn because beginners typically can get up to speed quickly and enjoy it along the way.

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