Throw out your disks and get that headset on: gaming trends to expect in 2020

Gaming has been on a dramatic rise ever since its creation, but more so in recent times. The $137.9bn industry iis predicted to expand even further in 2020 alongside the development of technology. Here’s what we can expect.

Virtual reality

Gaming is already expanding into new, untouched worlds with the rise of virtual reality enhancing gamers’ experience.

Whilst there are a plethora of casino, slingo bingo sites already permeating the gaming industry, online gambling is likely to head into the virtual world. Walking round a virtual casino, gambling as if you were really there, is likely to become commonplace,refining customers’ involvement in online gambling.

And, with the VR technology increasingly versatile, there’s nothing to suggest that even things as left-field and female-oriented as bingo sites cannot delve into the virtual reality environment.

However, the infiltration of VR will not be straightforward. Its graphics are lacking in quality that gamers expect from video games, but this will surely be upgraded as well as allowing social level-participation with friends.

Disks get thrown by the wayside

There’s been 3G, 4G and now 5G is rearing its head, enhancing Internet speeds like nothing ever been seen before. As such, gaming discs will be a thing of the past as users buy games in-store or simply download and stream them.

One of the most annoying facets for gamers at present is the need to repeatedly download the latest updates to play a game. With faster internet speeds, they will not be required to do so as the latest version will already be downloaded, rendering disks almost useless.

Handheld devices to return

Not one gamer can deny that retro is coming back. Nintendo have led the way with their Switch which can be played by hand – enhancing gamer convenience – or through the television for greater visuals. Nintendo’s decision to incorporate multiplayer has seen the device fly off the shelves.

Handheld devices are also popular for another reason: their graphics. Nintendo are currently leading the way in handheld gaming, but other major companies are unlikely to sit and watch.

The return of retro gaming is an almost antithesis to the development of new technology, but the level of investment the latter has been given has given the former an added edge: superb play with added nostalgia.

Holograms and 3D

Gaming has yet to be infiltrated by holograms, but the improvement of hologram technology has made the saturation that bit more likely. Able to provide a lifelike experience through 3D, holograms would certainly produce an incredibly immersive environment which is, essentially, what the majority of gamers want.

The 3D trend in general will see all games in the near future have that feature. Though 3D glasses are necessary to bring it to life, that will no longer be the case with the industry aiming to develop the concept to be as realistic as possible.

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