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Nothing is as stressful as the final week before moving into your newly bought house. Your packed things are almost ready, the mortgage papers are signed, and moving in plan is in place. It’s probably going to go fine. But, even when you have planned everything carefully, you might still be concerned that you can lose control during this lengthy moving in. After all, there are simply too many balls to juggle in the process. But, with fingers crossed, you can make this transition more smooth if you carry it out with the help of a checklist. Whether this is about running inspections, cleaning, or calling people, knowing what to do and ticking the boxes of your checklist is effective to keeping everything under control. Have a look at the checklist below to plan ahead for your next successful moving-in experience.

  1. Contact the Help Service:

During the final week before moving in, you should have already reserved a help service company that will take care of loading and unloading your stuff in your house. But, as the moving day gets nearer, you must once again confirm with moving company in order to double-check. Sometimes, things just get messy. So, you have to inquire about a few things. You have to ask about their arrival time, payment methods, insurance details, and confirm with them for a final time to clear our any confusion. Once this is cleared up, you can focus on other issues during the moving process and no longer worry about your packed up items.

  1. Managing Your Home And Packing:

Often, we are too focused on getting things transferred to the new house that we forget about the state of the old house. If you are leaving the old home for someone else, make sure you have disconnected all gas lines with the help of a professional. You should also unplug appliances such as washing machines and get your fridge ready for the trip to the other house. Your stuff should also be all packed on the moving day so that you avoid any hassle. Valuable and important items and papers, however, should not be packed as they run the risk of being damaged. Keep them separate. Check to see if you have get rid of some unwanted clothes before buying new ones. You may need to get in touch with cash for clothes companies near you.

  1. Planning Ahead:

It’s extremely important to plan ahead for the entire week of moving in to save yourself from miscalculated steps. It’s useful to contact your employer and get a several free days in order not to get things mixed up. You should also make calls to update your house information and switch services to your new home. You need to call your internet service provider, energy and utilities providers, move medical records, and even school papers for your children. This guarantees that you move on effectively to issues related to your new house on the day of arrival rather than stay stuck to work or paperwork problems.

  1. Make A Thorough Inspection:

As soon as you arrive to the house and guide your movers to unloading your stuff, get a thorough inspection of the house to observe its state to learn how you should go about your plan. You may find signs of damage that you need to inform your seller about, or decide about a different plan about the cleaning and furniture arrangement style you need to have. You should also check alarms, gas lines, and plumbing issues to ensure everything is set up.

  1. Changing the Keys:

Changing the keys of your doors is critical. You can never know who else has similar copies to the keys of your seller or whether the doors are secure enough. For this reason, get an expert to the change the doors keys for you immediately.

  1. Cleaning:

This is an obvious one. Once everything mentioned has been achieved so far, get to the cleaning process to have the entire house ready for your furniture and carpets. You will need to mop the floors, eliminate pests, clean the walls, clean the toilet and showers, and use the vacuum as well. So, make sure your family is prepared for this.

  1. Unpacking:

The unpacking process is the last step after which you can throw yourself in bed and rest. So, begin unpacking but also pay attention to any damages for your items. If there are any, you can call your help service for inspection. If all your stuff is great, congrats! You have it made it.

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