How To Do Tricks on a Pogo Stick

Poging is a modern kind of sport, the essence of which is jumping on a pogo stick. A pogo stick is a shell that has the shape of a vertical prop made in the form of the T letter, and it consists of pedals, springs, and handles. The athlete stays on the pedals, makes an effort with a sharp push on the pedals, and then controls the stick with the help of the body, in such a way, you can freely control the stick both in the air and on the ground.

Pogo Stick

Poging was created relatively recently, around the beginning of the 20th century (there is no exact date of origin and information about the founder), and immediately impressed the youth. From ordinary children’s entertainment, it turned into a full-fledged sport with its rules and competitions, which by the way are held quite often (once a year), and they are called Pogopalooza. The first poging competitions took place in 2004, and there were such nominations as Big Air, Tech, Best Trick, and High Jump.

Poging has become really popular after several sportsmen’s performances on TV. After that, there was an influx of people who wanted to be engaged in new and unknown for the majority of those times fun. Now it is at the stage of active development since it does not require a large amount of inventory or a specially equipped place. All you need to have is the best pogostick and great tenacity to master it like Daniel Mahoney. Therefore, not only children and adolescents come to this sport, but also people of a rather advanced age who want to maintain their body in good shape.

In poging, such results as artistry are also taken into account (when jumping on a stick, athletes usually perform different kinds of tricks, from trivial somersaults to more complex combined tricks), but they do not count them as records.

What to Start With

It’s not difficult to master the pogo stick; you need to get your feet on the prop and lift your body with a jump to tear yourself off the ground. Due to the spring, a response impulse is created and the poger can jump in a given trajectory. This is not just entertainment but also an independent sport; you can perform almost dizzying stunts and jump to a height of more than two and a half meters with the help of this invention. You can even take part in competitions by mastering the more athletic pogo stick model.

First, you need to buy an ordinary pogo stick on, as well as take safety regulations into account:

  • Wear protective equipment: elbow pads, knee pads, sports shoes, and helmet;
  • Learn to balance on the simulator before starting to jump;
  • Start training in dry weather on a flat surface;
  • You should jump in shoes.

Despite the external easiness, injuries in poging can not be avoided. The more difficult the trick, the more likely it is to fall and stretch.

Modern Pogo Stick

Why is pogo stick useful?

  • The coordination of movements develops;
  • Correct posture is developed;
  • Muscles of the back, arms, legs, and abs are strengthened;
  • Vestibular apparatus is stimulated;
  • The sporty and fit figure is formed.

Modern jonsguide pogo sticks are stable, let you jump higher, do tricks and somersaults in the air; moreover, they are adapted to different conditions of use. The potential of modern models is designed for jumping more than 3 meters in height and up to 4-6 meters in length.

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