Ollia Tzarina on EURONEWS channel

So i just watched Euronews channel and as i was sipping on my late night tea , a beautiful girl popped out on my telly , perfect face, perfect body from what i could tell 😉 then she spoke , one word : brain. The journalist tried to bomb her with questions that most people would shy over but Ollia has a natural talent to avoid what she does not want to answer and direct the interview where she wants to. I was impressed so much i decided to write an article and research that girl. So she is 30, studied in a catholic boarding school in Surrey , UK, had her internships at Vogue magazine and Tatler . Then , thats where it gets interesting: she launched a brand Tzarina By Ollia and within months it was seen on the likes of Mary J Blige , and Beyonce . She then sold the brand once the industry has shifted to the fake fur and went on to getting a Pakistani billionaire partner called Asghar Khan based in Lahore , and they bought Argan oil fields in Morocco and are now launching a luxury organic skin care called BIO LAB EXOTIQUE. How is this girl not a superstar yet? Linked to a Juventus superstar and a Moto GP pilot , having been covered by Daily Mail and Vogue , and being on MTV Lebanon and Euronews . We need to stop making stupid people super famous! And bring in people who bring value to the world! For more details: http://www.olitzari.com/

Why should Kardashians be famous because their sister showed us her private bits ? Why are the Hadids famous because their dad paid for his daughters to have 50 plastic surgeries so Bella looks like a different person . Why is Sophia Ritchie famous ? Because her father is Lionel ? I dont agree . A girl who lunched her brand in her bedroom and within 2 years was invited by Euronews channel for her achievements , who looks naturally gorgeous , who is trying to give people something that is sustainable with her skin care , she deserves to have the world wide fame . She has my vote .

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