Need a Supplement Re-Stock? Let’s Zero In on the Best Half-Off Deals at Coles

It is not only discounted food items from the retail giant, Coles, that a lot of people are talking about recently. The almost ubiquitous Aussie supermarket chain, after all, has also been pretty daring with its offers on supplements. And there is no better proof of this than the sheer number of health and beauty supplements with 50% discounts it is currently offering weekly.

Are these price cuts all worth it, though? Well, as in consuming anything for the purpose of bringing about positive health benefits, it really depends on how much science backs up a specific supplement. More often than not, the more attention a supplement is getting from researchers, the more you should consider using them. This is assuming they are backed by verified results from the said studies which confirm the benefits associated with them.

Incidentally, if you are a newbie to supplement-taking, now is the best time to learn about the smarter approach to using them. Otherwise, allow us to highlight the few must-have supplements from Coles’s hugely discounted offerings.

Glucosamine Sulfate

Osteoarthritis is a fairly common condition that lots of people, particularly the elderly, are subject to. If you know someone who is suffering from it or if you yourself are prone to bouts of unbearable arthritic pain, then glucosamine sulfate is definitely one of the most effective supplements for them.

The supplement’s anti-inflammatory effect has been established. Coupled with its capability to treat most bone and joint disorders, the supplement serves as a very potent weapon in the fight against osteoarthritis.

The glucosamine sulfate listed on the catalogue is by Blackmores and costs half of its original price at $22 for a 150-pack bottle, making it the most expensive among the discounted supplements. Compared to other retailers like Supplement Mart where glucosamine sulfate’s prices range from $27.95 to $32, this is certainly one of the most notable deals on offer in this current Coles catalogue.

Fish Oil

Another supplement that has received a recommendation from one of the top universities in the world is fish oil. The proven cardiac-protective benefits of fish oil make it one of the best supplements people should take daily. This is especially true if you tend to miss out on fish in your diet. Though, admittedly, this may not really be a problem for most Aussies since can readily incorporate fish in their diet. Interestingly, though, fish consumption among Australian households is actually at a downtrend in recent years according to statistics.

That said, the Blackmores Fish Oil deal on the Coles catalogue is really worth it if you are not getting enough of its source in your diet. It is just too good to miss because you get 400 capsules in one bottle with a 50% price reduction of as much as $15. Not a lot of supplement retailers can offer high-quality fish oil for less and with such quantities; again, this is using Supplement Mart as a reference.


Maintaining a healthy gut is one of the keys to having optimal physical and mental health. If any of the essential aspects of your general wellness is doing poorly, may it be diet, lifestyle, or stress management, there is a very good chance that the bacterial balance in your gut will suffer in the process. This, more often than not, leads to susceptibility to gastrointestinal problems and colds.

The best way to keep this from happening is by directly consuming live bacteria in the form of probiotics. Most experts suggest taking them in the evening with food to maximise their benefits. Blackmores Probiotics+ claims it boosts immunity, and this has certainly been backed up by science, as proven by probiotics’ ability to shield us from colds.

The product contains 30 capsules, selling for only 14$. Going back to Supplement Mart, you can definitely save a lot with this deal because the ones on offer there cost a minimum of $18.50 up to $28.50.


Collagen supplementation to get better skin by slowing down its aging has been gaining traction due to plenty of compelling scientific facts. Studies can confirm that taking collagen, an integral component of the skin, can reduce the occurrence of dryness and wrinkles, which are the direct results of aging. 5 grams of collagen – or even only half of that amount – taken for eight weeks has been shown to bring about that exact effect in women.

Well, fans of this beauty supplement are in luck because Nature’s Way is selling them for bargain prices. It is not difficult to recommend the brand because it is known for using all-natural supplements. The collagen tablets it has for sale (60 per pack) for $15 instantly caught our eye because this is practically dirt-cheap for a product that is guaranteed to be mainly organic and usually costs thrice or four-fold that price.

The product is also being latently marketed as a beauty supplement, which only highlights the beneficial effects of collagen on the skin. Do take note, though, that collagen’s benefits extend further than its proven beautifying effects. After all, it is also a competent pain reliever. However, you may have to increase your dosage.

That being said, do not expect the Nature’s Way product to provide additional benefits other than what it is being marketed for. If you do experience other benefits associated with collagen like bone loss prevention, heart booster, and muscle mass promoter, do not be surprised because multiple studies have already formed the said protein’s connections to them.

Parting Words

Always remember that supplements are termed as such because they are never supposed to take precedence over getting vitamins and minerals from natural sources. It is ultimately better to adopt a healthier diet than to completely rely on supplements to meet your body’s daily needs.

However, if you do have certain conditions like arthritis or hypertension, there is really no need to have qualms about taking research-backed supplements like glucosamine sulfate and fish oil. This only affirms the expert suggestion that most supplements should really only be taken to help curb a condition you are suffering from due to a lack of a specific nutrient.

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