Effective marketing methods in 2020

Well, things started very modestly for digital marketers. Back in the day, they had very limited options to market their brands. Sending a couple of emails or writing a blog was almost the pinnacle of digital marketing.

Fast forward to the present, things have changed quite dramatically. With every passing year, technology kept on progressing and old marketing techniques got placed with the fresh ones. No wonder, 2020 is also keeping up with the same tradition.

Marketing is all about staying current. So as we have bid farewell to 2019, the marketing world is all pumped up to exploit the latest trends in 2020. 2019 may have ended but it has given us a clue regarding the marketing modes which are going to dominate the contemporary year. The SEO companies in Dallas stand as testimony to that. They are as follows:

Write research-oriented content

Ever since its inception, content marketing has always been like a shining star in the sky of digital marketing. Bill Gates might have said ‘’content is king” way back in 1994 but its status remains unchanged even after 26 years down the road.

Over the course of time, the taste of the public kept on changing and the content creators were forced to mold their content accordingly. Today, the audience wants to read research-centric blogs. Owing to social media platforms, the information overflow is such that readers are pretty much aware of everything except the numbers. That’s the biggest reason why infographics are all over the place.

Of course, data-driven posts will be a tough nut to crack. You will have to invest more time compared to writing the regular stuff. But all this hard work is going to reward you in the following ways:

  • A well-researched piece will help you to be taken as an authority in your niche. Resultantly, people will not only share your content on social media but also link it on their websites. You can track all such websites and formulate a long term link building strategy with them.

  • You will win the trust of visitors.

  • Google algorithms will start to crawl in your favor and your ranking will be boosted.

Make sure to publish with frequent intervals or else get ready to vanish from the public consciousness.

Invest in personalization

Even if you have managed to pull out considerable traffic on your website, you can’t retain it without engaging in personalization. Remember, nothing irritates people more than the sight of a totally irrelevant pop-up ad. People will leave your website pledging never return again. Already 80 percent of the customers admit that they won’t indulge in a transaction with a brand that falls way short of personalization. In 2020, customers are likely to grow more intolerant towards non-personalized offers.

The equation is very simple here; more data will lead you towards a better understanding of your audience. By drilling down the reports of Google Analytics you can come across behavior, habits and future intentions of the website visitors.

Afterward, you can compile all this data in a transparent way and utilize it while designing a promotional campaign. That way, be it your content or ads, everything will reflect the interest of your audience and the ratio of conversion will mark a serious uptick. Since people stay connected on social media throughout the day, they share all their details on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and suchlike. You can also use these tools to accumulate more insights.

Make the most of podcasts

Podcasts are not a new advent in the world of digital marketing. But their popularity reached an unprecedented level in 2019. In accordance with well-documented numbers, 70 percent of the US adults are well-versed about podcasting today while only 22 percent of Americans were familiar with this concept in 2006. As things stand now, marketers will continue to appease the audience with podcasts in 2020 as well.

Since podcasts are typically produced in an audio version, they provide a refreshing break from videos. Unlike videos, they come up with the show notes. So instead of going through the whole episode, listeners can simply scratch up the notes and decide to stick or switch to something else. It takes the user-experience to a whole new level.

Apart from that, podcasting is a viable way to bring the visually impaired audience into the mainstream. With the passage of time, the number of low-cost startups is steadily increasing. As podcasts consume minimum resources, the small enterprises will exploit it as their go-to marketing alternative.

Install Chabot

In 2019, you could easily stumble upon a website that didn’t have a Chabot. However, you won’t see many such websites in 2020. Instinctively, customers like to communicate with humans to resolve their quarries but it is not humanly possible to always assist in a timely manner. Considering this reality, as many as nearly 67 percent of people used bots to resolve their issues.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously marching forward. 2020 is going to be the year when bots will be able to personalize the conversation and we could already see some examples of that in the last year.

Having said that, you have to be street-smart in the utilization of bots. For example, if bots keep on appearing aimlessly here and there, the visitors will end up creating distaste towards your brand.

Influencer marketing

It goes without saying that the usage of social media has become rampant. As 2020 progresses, you will see new social influencers making their way to the public. These influencers have a remarkable fan following not only in terms of numbers but also the level of admiration among the fan-base is not too different than big-screen celebrities.

At the same time, it is equally important to collaborate with the right influencer. For example, if your business is about fashion accessories, you have to hook up with someone who is considered as an authority in the same niche.

Live video

Numerically speaking, the total worth of the live video industry is going to cross 70 billion dollars by 2021. While live streaming is handy at multiple things, it is best suited for product launching. The reason being, it allows viewers to come up with the firsthand feedback by participating in the comment section. This is perhaps one reason why live videos have three times longer watching duration compared to the recorded videos.

In addition to that, the Fear of Missing out (FOMO) also pushes customers to stay glued to their screens.


As soon as marketers step into a new year, the first question they ask themselves is “what is new?” Well, if you were somewhat disturbed a similar question, you have got your answer now. If you structure your promotional campaigns upon the above marketing trends, there is no way you can go wrong in 2020.

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