Easy Tips for Making Architectural Models

Architectural Model making is the process for making of outer structure or design of architecture. They are initially done on software and planned on how the designing will look and feel. You can also say it architectural visualization, it refers to the practice of representing a new structure in a way that can be easily digested.

The one on the software is a three-dimensional replica which shows all the essential scales of design. The reproduction or model is just a smaller version of architecture and is called a foremost step in Architectural Model Making.

When the initial step is passed, the planning for the original architectural structure is done. These structures are made by hand, with the help of materials like foam boards, balsa wood, or card.

The technologies have improved so much that there is no need for a workforce to be wasted on material cutting and making. A 3D printer or laser cutting is used to cut the materials according to designs, automatically without any hurdle.

Advancement in technologies has come this far that model of a simple structure can be seen in many forms and shapes. Each length size and perspective can be noted from the view of the computer. The cutting also allows faster and detailed modeling or production.

The technology cannot take the place of good old architectural model makers. The process of Architectural Model Making still requires the help of engineers and Architectural models.

Working Stages for Architectural Model Making:

There are several models made before the original architectural structure. These model steps are Conceptual Model, Working Model, and then presentation Model.

Conceptual model:
The conceptual model is the initial stage of model making. In this stage of architectural model making, designers make a theoretical model with their concepts and ideas as the base. The thoughts and ideas then develop into a better structure.

The best thing about the conceptual model is that it can show all the simple details and design of the structure. The flaws and the good things are brought on -the front in the conceptual phase.

Typically this model is a 3D replica of the original model, or the model is made in architectural model making software.

Working Model:

The working model works on Conceptual mode. All the flaws and problems in the conceptual model are solved and made better. Typically the working models are better quality models that can accurately show the details of a structure.

This model is not represented to the client or customers. Instead, it is only made to provide a solution to the problems and finalize the results.

Presentation Model:

The presentation model is the addition to the Working model. It is the final phase in the architectural model, making This model is made with the same materials that are used to create the original structures. They have texture and feel to it for clients and customers to feel their structure and test their durability.

The color combination is also done the same as that of the original structure, so show how the building will look according to its surroundings once completed.

In the last term, this model is presented to the clients and customers.

Final words:

It is essential to test the structure before it is made by going through provided modelmaking techniques. In this way, the structure is well planned and constructed.

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