Things you Must know about No Prep Kings back for Season 4

No prep kings is a TV program, which is a new series from the Street Outlaws Franchise. In the Street outlaws franchise, there are best and monstrous cars that race with each other to compete in winning the prize.

These cars are not the ones we see on TV or in real life. They are real monsters and beasts of the road with their modification that takes the attention of people. In the latest series of Street outlaws, the outlaw crews are to challenge the fastest no prep racer in a no prep racing for prize money of 500000.dollars.

No prep racing is a race in which there is no help given to the drivers on the race track. Made for rough and tough, these street racing arenas are untested and are unpredictable to racers.

Ryan, who is a former member of the outlaw’s crew, is challenging the former no prep champion and rivel to the birdman. There are also other areas in the game, but the no prep racing show will be the most significant and most badass of them all.

There are faster cars, stronger ones too, with more power on their arsenal. But in the arena of no-prep, there are no incentives or armory give n to the vehicles because this is the sauce of the game and the popularity of the game also.

The unpredictability and unsupportive arena prove to be a surprise for watching the public. Ther is also no teaming in the racing arena; it is each man for himself.

No prep kings will also feature players from around the globe, ranging from the North Carolina and Arizona to Pennsylvania and Memphis. There is always some favorite player for someone in these regions, hence, attracting a lot of community at their side.

But in the last, there will only be a single winner of the arena called No prep king. The fastest and most bold racer will surely win the tournament of no-prep racing leading to the year’s victory.

There are some recommendations needed for season 4:

There should be no 1st round call out. There should also be rules for invitational people. The substitute cars and drivers are also to be no included in the season. If a car does not take his 1st round, then there should always be a second in its place ready to go out in the area. In this way, there will be the least time gone in the show.

There should also be some rules for the game in which the racer should race the way in the event. Hence, it provided no more gatekeeping.

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