How Millenials Are Sexting More Than Having Sex

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a millennial or not, there is no denying that the relationship game has changed. There was once a time when couples would meet and greet in bars. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case at all. Heck, couples are no longer even meeting to interact in sexual encounters. Thanks to the far-reaching capabilities of the Internet, more and more people are going online to get their feel. Have you ever wondered why this is the case and what is going on with the world?

What Is Sexting?

First, to truly appreciate what this article is talking about, you must understand what sexting is. There is a good chance that you have probably heard the term in today’s time, but this doesn’t mean that you truly understand what the practice is. There are many parents out there that would rather see their children sexting than having unprotected sex with strangers. It is a practice that is not only cleaner, but it is much safer. This is because sexting doesn’t actually involve any physical interaction whatsoever. Sexting is simply the act of sending sexually explicit messages, photos, or video via a cell phone, computer, or any digital device. So, yes, sending someone a crotch shot would constitute as sexting. Sending someone a shot of your topless would be considered sexting. Why is this a practice that is growing more and more common with millennials?

The Pressure Is Real

Peer pressure is, has, and always will be a thing. It doesn’t matter if you grow up in today’s time or you grew up 10 years ago, there is a good chance that you were pressured into something as a kid. There is also a good chance that your kids will be pressured into something. And, this is just one of the major reasons for sexting. It is a practice that is highly known about. Heck, state senators, as well as other high ranked politicians, are participating in the activity, so why wouldn’t a teenager? That is the thinking and this is why more and more teenage boys are pressuring girls into showing their goods on cam or computer. That being said, you have to be extremely careful these days because you never know exactly who you are talking to on the other end.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for hacks and scammer to emerge on these sites once in a while. Not only will they appear on these sites, but they will appear on similar sites. That being said, you will be glad to know that sites like Chaturbate and others have claimed that they are taking every precaution possible to avoid such vulnerabilities. If you are still not a fan of Chaturbate, then give a try to Sext Friend.

Everyone Has An Electronic Device

The age of millennials is backed by the electric device. This is the age when these devices came into existence and blew up in popularity. So, it really only makes sense that millennials are going to us and exploit them. With access to so many different devices and the ability to connect to thousands of people around the world, it only makes sense to use these devices to the best of their abilities, and that is exactly what millennials are doing. Everyone is connected these days and it is so easy to connect to others. This is just another one of the many reasons that millennials are opting for sexting rather than physical interaction. Physical interaction takes work and real-life meetings, whereas connecting over an electronic device doesn’t.

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