Pop-Tech Magnetic Dashboard Mount Review

If you have a car, you might get a problem listening to your calls. Here comes the use of the phone holder, but are they useful? In this, we will review the Magnetic Dashboard Mount for Mobile, let’s discuss the product in detail, and is it worthwhile for you. We have listed some points below, which will guide you about the product.

Product features and Specifications

ULTRA-STRONG MAGNET: The 360-degree pivoting magnetic mount for the dashboard employs an n52 neodymium magnet. It holds the smartphone securely in place on the dashboard of the car. The strong magnetic qualities hold GPS and a mobile phone. It can carry a weight of more or fewer than two-kgs without dropping the device, and it also has a good grip. The powerful tool also keeps the vibration mode on hold when mounted in the vehicle.

COMPACT AND STYLISH DESIGN: The top high-end quality, classic looking, all-metal car dash mount with mini size is easy to install in small spaces on your dashboard. Because of its tiny size, it occupies very little space. The rubber pad on a firm magnetic facade produces fewer chances for the cell phone to slip or glide. The flexible ball magnet also does not obstruct your sight when you’re diving, and it makes the ride more smooth and convenient.

HANDS-FREE CONTROL: You can remove or put a mobile phone with a single hand whereas you can use the other side to control the car wheel. Innovative ball swivel dashboard mount allows rotating 360 for the best angle. Enjoy quick single-handed turning on car dash magnet and keep smartphone mounted in preferred car dashboard position.

HEAT RESISTANT 3M ADHESIVE: It has some reliable high-temperature repellent 3M adhesive. It gives a powerful stick push. It proves sturdy in different conditions, like sudden driving or braking on a rough, uneven road. The heat repellent mobile standing device is easy to clean and remove for a dashboard that is residue-free. The package also contains a two-pack extra heat repellent 3M adhesives to help in re-installing.

What comes in the package: The package includes a four Pack Round Metal Disc, Magnetic Dash Mount, 2 Pack Sticky 3M Adhesive, 2 Pack Cleaning Alcohol Pad, 2 Pack Protective Film, and a User Manual. The company also provides friendly customer service & technical support. If you are not content with the investment or need any help, we will promptly reimburse you for resolving your issue.

Features: You can access all function areas on your phone with the help of the magnetic mount. The mobile phone mount is easy to handle and operate. It has four mount metal plates, and it also comes with a metallic mount. It tends to hold all mini-tablets and smartphones on its surface. It can also fit other phone accessories on its magnetic surface. You also can use it at home, place it on the table, bedroom, office desk, and in the bathroom or stick to the counter as a hands-free mobile phone mount during cooking.

Easy Installation: For installing the magnetic mount, clean the smoothened and flat surface with an alcohol pad. Then let it dry. Split off the sticking strip at the base and attach it to the preferred area. When pasted, press it securely in place for thirty seconds. Please wait for a day before making use out of it. Also, paste the translucent film on the reverse side of your mobile phone or cell phone case, and then attach the element base on the plate.

DESIGN for POP SOCKET USERS: Stick the 30mm (1.18inch) inside the socket grip, you also can use phone with popsocket to navigate

Where to buy: You can buy this product for amazon. When you order from amazon you will have the ease of fast delivery and exchange. If you don’t like this product, then you have the ease of returning the product within 7 days. You can buy the product from here.

Customer reviews:

Great product. The magnet is very strong and sturdy. The ball mount is stable when in position. The 3M stickers are high quality. Highly recommend the Pop-tech Magnetic Phone Car Mount.

This is a great phone mount. The magnet on every component is firm and strong enough. You can leave your phone docked with confidence and pick it up with just the right amount of tug. The adhesive that holds the mount is nice and secure. They also package extra adhesive. I get the convenience of a phone dock while keeping a pop socket. Would definitely recommend anyone to purchase.

Love this mount! And to find out you can use it with a pop socket, EVEN BETTER! Super strong magnet, it stays in place!

I’d totally recommend this magnetic mount. It’s made of sturdy materials and the amount of magnets included in the kit is plentiful.

I am really happy with this purchase. I didn’t have a pop socket to use it with so I placed the magnet under my case and it works great! Its a strong magnet, the mantel piece is a little bulky but is nice enough to fit right in with my car. It came with multiple magnets so I gave my family the other ones so they could mount there phone to it when they use my car. Would buy it again.

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