3 Best Ways to Make Use of Shatter

 Do you experience the craving to upgrade your cannabis intake game? Indeed, this happens to most cannabis users. They keep longing for a better therapeutic experience. An Online Dispensary Canada is the best choice to give you a more pleasant experience. It is one of the purest forms of marijuana concentrate. It packs higher THC than the regular flowers, clocking in about 80 percent THC.

However, if you are new to it, chances are you do not know how to smoke shatter. But you got to enjoy this strain. This article focuses on the best ways to consume shatter. Thus, you do not have to worry if you are a shatter newbie. Here are such much-anticipated ways.

In a Joint

Using this product in a joint is one of the easiest ways, even for newbies. You only have to crumble the product on top of your weed. In addition, if you like it otherwise, you can place the shatter lengthwise as you roll it in a joint. This method is much ideal for beginners since it can help you find out if you really need some extra drive in your weed.

However, the method is a bit wasteful. You see, as you smoke, most of the shatter is burnt away. Thus, a great portion of it is not well utilized by the user. Using shatter in a joint is the best for starters as you baby step to other ways of consuming it.

Using a Vaporizer

Typically, there are portable and desktop vaporizers. However, you may not want to get embarrassed by desktop units since they do not work well with most concentrates, shatter included.

You can, however, use shatter by vaping in a vaporizer. Most people who use shatter have found this method to be the most effective. The great benefit of the use of vape pens to consume shatter is that one can luxuriate the full flavor of this product without burning the material. It simply melts in your kit as it releases the cannabinoids and terpenes.

This is considered as the healthiest procedure to consume shatter. It is also revealed to be the most palatable experience a user can leverage. It is not like smoking — no harmful carcinogens released to your lungs. Most of them can be bought online or from nearby stores. You can travel with them wherever you go.

Use of a Dab Rig

This is simply a glass pipe that is widely used to flash-vaporize most concentrates. It has a mouthpiece (with a hole) and a vertical chamber. You stick a small nail into this hole. In most cases, the nail is made of glass or even metallic.

You then heat the nail with e-nail’s electronic feature or with a butane torch. Once the nail gets red hot, transfer a small piece of shatter onto it. It is then combusted, releasing a thick cloud of smoke. You can now inhale the smoke from the burnt shatter. If you want to utilize your shatter fully, that is, without any wastage, make the sure wait until a clog starts to form or just blast the nail once more.

Immediately the clog has formed on your dab rig, immerse it in alcohol and let the substance boil. Wait for a few for the alcohol to evaporate. Rub up the residual material and dab it once more. You can get high quality dabs on the market. However, always be keen to buy the most effective products by checking out all the features.


These are the three best ways to make use of the shatter concentrate. If you are new in this realm, you may better start with the use of a joint as you progress to the most sophisticated methods.

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