Tips for Creating Compelling Video Advertisements

Currently, more than 50% of mobile users are engaging in the video, and it is growing. Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google. People are more attracted to video advertisements than content marketing. Nike increased its Instagram followers from 4 to 12 million in a month with engaging video advertisements. For brands that are looking to promote their product, then video advertisement is the best solution for them. 52% of the people buy from the brand if the video is engaging, and it is made at high quality. Most companies struggle with where to start and how to differentiate between the best video ad to achieve their sales goals.

Below are the video formats used online and how to optimize each for maximum effect. The three standard formats for video advertisement are in-stream, click to pay, and trueview.

In-Stream – These video formats are played at the beginning or in the middle of a video. These videos are meant for branding purposes as they rarely convert given that consumers are forced to watch these videos but want to view the content they initially sought and won’t navigate away after seeing the ad.

Click to play – These videos are displayed in standalone format. Viewers are presented with a static image giving the user the option to watch the video.

Trueview – These video advertisements are youtube recently launched video advertisement format. True video shows more about the brand instead then showcasing the product of the company.

Now you have an overview of all the three different video ads format for youtube. It is time to discuss them in detail


In-stream videos don’t have high conversion rates, as they are only meant to show brand recognition through proper placement. They target videos that are in their category. Like if a company has a product for detergent, then they would focus the videos that are in the same category giving them their desired audience. A user will not navigate to the brand website while watching the video. Users will purchase next time as this is only for brand recognition.

Click view

Click view videos are a different type of video ads; they are standalone videos if they are not introduced appealingly; they will not accumulate views. Other than in-stream counterparts, they display a call to action before the user even clicks play. In these videos, high imagery and high resolution are needed to bring conversions. If you are looking forward to the best videographer in the San Francisco bay area, then I would suggest you LV Production. They are the best videography company in San Francisco and will give you high quality and engaging videos for your brand or product.

True view

Trueview emerged as a youtube answer to stand out in the market with competing video ads. Trueview takes an unconventional approach to only show brand products and services but also making that brand come to life. Trueview can be used to make documentaries on brand history and showing people how the brand became successful. True view video gives power to your brand authority and gives power to your brand.


You can choose any three formats that fulfill your brand needs, and target the right people for your video ads. Remember, video ads should be engaging and of quality to target more people and to get conversions. My recommendation is to choose your videography company wisely as it is the first and essential step to online advertising.

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